Thursday, July 15, 2010

And there she sat, in the cold of the night,
And wept the tears of a lover denied,
But still she waited on that lonely path,
With hope of her lover to come crying back,
And in the starlit night with not another soul in sight,
She finally saw the man she loved,
Yes, that shadow against the pale moonlight was surely his,
That firm tread could only be his,
Those warm brown eyes could only and only be his,
And then came the fulfillment to a heart denied love too long,
And such is the hope for which we lovers shall live.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Just a passing thought...

When you love someone, it's as if you are hit by this storm where you have no idea where things will go because you yourself can't see the rationale behind it. The heart guides you and before you know, its controlling everything, starting from your thoughts down to every single action.

Have you ever noticed the way we unknowingly or unconsciously try to adjust everything according to our partner's happiness? Have you ever noticed that your loved one has more power to change you than anyone else in the world?

I had come here to give my heart some peace. Sometimes, our heart needs an outlet and I have always felt that writing makes things fall into perspective. I wasn't in a very positive frame of mind when I came here but I certainly feel positive now! Granted that the lows can bring us down, but in the journey of love, as I sit here and think, the pain is nothing compared to the garden of heaven which it gifts us with.

A biiiigg hug to all my bloggy friends and lots of love from my way!!

Have a wonderful day filled with love, life and laughter and if the time is trying, believe me when I say that there is always a reason behind things unfolding the way they do. And in the long run, the reason is always for the best.