Thursday, December 31, 2009

I'm thankful

Life has changed a lot in the past year and all I can say is that I have grown. I'm thankful to be so alive and have so much love surrounding me. Honestly speaking, I really couldn't ask for more.

My dear bloggy friends, I have learnt so much from you and I'm really thankful to have met all of you. All of you have inspired me in one way or another. It is through blogging that I have realised that we all are essentially one. No matter which country we come from or which religion we follow, all of us are essentially the same. All of us come to this world to share our thoughts and that is what creates a strong bond between us.

Emmi, Ron, John, Nancy, Jenean, Kelly...I'm thankful to have found all of you ^_^. Your love and understanding has added a new dimension to my life.

I wish all of you a verrry Happy New year. The new year will bring its own adventures and challenges. I hope that all of us grow as individuals, with a richer heart and beautiful experiences to share. Through it all, walk with me.

Have a great time!

God bless you

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Passing thought...

Making something out of nothing. That's human potential.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

A whole new world.....

Guess what?
My uncle gifted me a digital camera this week! I wanted one for so long but circumstances were such that it had to wait. I guess luck just kicks in at times.

More than myself or my friends, what I love clicking the most is the things around me. It may be a simple market full of busy people, but there is beauty there too.It's something special to just capture those people who move by without noticing each other. So what do I do? I stand far away. Simply stop for a moment and think about what exactly I see.

What I see is an enormous whole where each person is connected to another and simply incomplete without each other's presence. Even in a busy market, though we may never really pay attention to it, we feel safe when there are people around us. When the crowd begins to thin, it's time to go home. We are so deeply linked in a way and such complete strangers at the same time. Such is the world we live in.

So I chose this day to capture a few shots of our busy market where people from all parts of our city pour in to shop for anything and everything.

And I'll tell you something else. Sometimes, it's simply lovely to be alone and appreciate the world around you. And these sometimes are going to be pretty often 'coz I believe that there is something to capture everywhere we go.


Sunday, December 20, 2009


A moment out of time, a moment where you can leave all your thoughts behind and just enjoy the company of the ones you love.
That was what 19th of December stood for me. I realised that in any joint initiative what matters most is teamwork and bonding.

A Volunteer moment

Our Christmas Day Celebrations at Pehal (the NGO I work for) was a great success! Yes, it is the children we do all this for, but without the correct guidance and support, none of us would have lasted. None at all. We would just be disillusioned and drift away with time. But that is not possible in this case and why is that? Because of the way our team has come together. The credit for this goes to Prachi, our project co-ordinator. Not only is she a wonderful person with great initiave, but she also knows how to bring people together and make them feel like they belong. That is what she has done for me. Today I feel as though I BELONG to project Aashayein (Hope) and all its other projects and that is mainly because of Prachi's warmth, understanding and encouragement.

The event was a great success right from decorating the room to distributing snacks amongst the children to playing games with them! But the best part was played by SANTA! Our dear fellow volunteer who played the part perfectly!
All I can associate with Project Pehal is the sincere desire to make a difference and taking all the required steps in bridging the gap between what is and what needs to be.

Our dearest Santa at work!

Lastly, I want to thank our dearest Prachi, without whom Project Pehal and Aashayein would have simply hung in the air. Thank you for being with us and making everything special.

Dr. Prachi with her irresistible smile!

Monday, December 14, 2009

The love which pours out....

Tell me something,
Today I ask all of you a question. Perhaps I'm mistaken somewhere and I sincerely hope you will correct me if I am.
The thing is, whenever I make someone my friend, I have this need inside me which grows day by day and suddenly, it grows so much that it becomes a part of my being. I get this desire to know that person, not merely as an acquaintance but as someone who matters. I get this desire to touch the very depths of that person's heart and be an inseperable part of him/ her.

I am talking about friends here. Friendship goes way beyond the irregular hellos in my case. Friendship means a bond where two people can share anything under the sun, anything that troubles them and anything that makes them happy. Friendship means that you can cry on my shoulder when you are in pain and I can count on you when I am shattered. Friendship means that I will be there for you when you need me, even if it is at some unearthly hour. Friendship means I WILL MAKE TIME for you, I will let you know all my weaknesses and be happy that you know. It means that I give you the power to hurt me or love me, as you please. Friendship is synonymous with love for me. Love has so many forms and friendship is its very foundation.

Do I ask for too much?

Sometimes people ask me..

Why do you want to know that person so badly?
Why do you care so much?
Why can't you be happy with just talking to that person every now and then?
Why do you want to know every side of that person?
Why do you want to be a part of his/ her heart?

Why why why...why indeed?

The only answer I can give to that is that that's the only way I know. Love with everything I have or don't love at all. I don't get this feeling with everybody but when I get it for somebody, its hard for me to let go of things half way.

Is it soo bad to want to be a part of someone's heart? To be there and love that person with all that we are capable of? I don't mean love in the romantic sense. I mean love with all its colours and all its healing powers. The love which reaches out and protects the ones you care for.

Sadly, my love is misunderstood more often than being understood.

So tell me, do I ask for a lot?

Thursday, December 10, 2009


The silent night beckons me,
Reaches out and engulfs me in its splendour,
Making my heart ache with wonder and awe,
I ask myself, what lay behind this dreamy richness?
What mysteries does the night hold?
The silence taunts me,
Makes me realise what I've been missing out on,
So what do I do?
I reach out,
I give in,
I let go,
I let my heart take over my mind
I shun all logical thinking,
I let my feelings take over,
I give free reign to the emotions flowing through my body,
Filling my being and washing out everything else,
Oh, but what do I find?
I find a soul freed from all bonds,
I find a soul which dares to walk alone,
I find the soul which makes me what I am,
In the silent night, I find myself.

Monday, December 7, 2009


In the hush of the night, your thoughts haunted me.
I tried, tried so hard not to think of you,
To not feel more than I should,
But feelings, as they are, refused to see reason,
Making it all the more torturous,
It wasn't any consolation that you felt the same way,
It just added to the pain,
added to the pain of knowing, wanting and then denying,
But the road ahead isn't bleak,
For you are warm in my heart as I know I am in yours,
Don't despair,
For this is not the end,
If not now, then another lifetime,
Life will move on and so will you,
You will find a reason to love again,
For I am sure there is someone out there just waiting for you,
It hurts now, but it's the only path we can choose.

This post is dedicated to someone very special in my life. I am thankful to have known him and loved him as a dear one. Life is not always as uncomplicated as we think and sometimes the right path isn't the easiest one to walk on.

All I can say to you is...move on and have a lovely life. At the end of one journey starts a wonderful new journey. Wish you all the happiness in the journey of life.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Where are you pulling me?

It's getting stronger. Something's pulling me. Harder with every passing day and I can't make any sense of it.

My heart says.....
Can you see??
Do you see what I see??
Can you feel the yearning that is growing inside you?
Can you feel that you want to fly?
But I ask my heart...How do I fly?
I see the roads ahead and I know I want to be there, but how do I get there?

What's happening? Is the desire to be alone becoming stronger with every passing day? Don't know the answer to that.

But one thing is for sure...
I want to explore, I want to travel and now it's just a matter of time of how long I can curb these feelings.

My heart wants to fly, my mind wants to wander, my soul wants to explore. Everything is pulling me towards an unknown destination. My mind is in a fog as I'm sure you can make out from my writing.
Can anybody please tell me what is happening to me, coz I'm certainly making no progress!