Monday, April 23, 2012

2 sides of a coin..

I used to think you are different,
I was wrong,
I used to think I'm the only one who felt so,
I was wrong,
I used to think I was the only one who yearned,
I was wrong,
I used to think I was the only one seeking,
I was wrong,
I used to think I'm the only one who went out of the way,
I was wrong,
I used to think I was the only one who saw the truth,
I was wrong,
And here I stand, humbled yet stronger,
Knowing that I'm not alone..never was..never will be,
You are just a reflection of me,
It's just that I show more than you do,
I say more than you ever will,
I do more than you thought possible,
Yet..I was wrong,
Though we love differently,
It's still the same language,
Always was...always will be,
Only as you care to see.

Monday, January 2, 2012

A new year's eve to remember...

I have to lay myself bare somewhere and what better place than my very own haven of peace and warmth.

Something happened to me on the new year's eve and that something has considerably shaken me up. It was a wake up call to say the least.
Well, let's begin from the beginning. I vaguely remember waking up in the morning. I still felt the giddiness which comes from alcohol although I distinctly remember not having drunk too much but then again, I didn't have my medicines for almost 2 days as well.
One moment I was in bed, after talking to a friend over the phone and the next moment I'm in the hospital bed, all covered in blood. My hands, my hair and my clothes, all bloody. Yes, most definitely not a pretty sight to wake up to. I have never been admitted to a hospital before and the yes, I didn't expect my first time admission to be a complete blur in my head. The part which scared me senseless was that I had no recollection of a single thing. That's the part which scared the living daylights out of me. On top of that, my poor friends had to take me to the Hospital. It was not as if I was home and there were grown ups who could take care of me. No sir, just my Paying Guest friends who themselves had never dealt with anything remotely like this. And to top it all, I later on come to know that I had apparently threatened them in my disoriented state. Poor things. Imagine waking up to find your closest friend covered in blood and threatening you! Jesus! I shudder at the very sight I must have made!
But in times like these, I must say, it was a welcome relief to see my father and I can say with 100% conviction that there is simply no place like home and nothing can beat the peace which pervades your soul at the sight of your family members. My dad whisked me away from that hospital where the doctors wanted to stop me for God knows what bullshit reasons and boy oh boy, was I ever thankful that my dad knew how to deal with those clever rats!
All in all, it was a crazy experience, an experience which reminded me not so subtly that I can never take my body for granted, even if it is after a period of 8 years. Our body is our temple and it is our first and foremost duty to protect and cherish it. I thank the Lord for sparing me with just a few stitches here and there but yes, I will never again forget how important my body is and how much love it deserves for the hard work it puts in.

On that note, a VERRRRY HAPPY NEW YEAR MY DEAR FRIENDS. Hope this year brings a lot of joy, lots of learning and a thousand more reasons for you to smile.

God bless you