Thursday, May 29, 2008


Thursday..the fourth day of the week.Alas! I find my peace and I realise that I am a human being who cannot live without complete peace of mind.I never thought that one could be so disturbed with simple thoughts,but I find myself in a position where thoughts play the main role.

What are we anyway??

We are what we think? Not at all..!!

Many a time we think about things which we might never do.Thoughts don't make us,but our actions most certainly do..
You know what is the problem with us? we try to find answers to questions which are actually absolutely irrelevant.I,for one,do exactly that.When everything is going smoothly,I just have to find something which is not happening the way it should.It's so damn easy to find problems and believe me,it takes me a lot more time to solve them and make myself believe that there is actually no problem to begin with. the end of the day,I have convinced myself that there is nothing wrong and it's just a matter of time before I start pestering myself yet again..^_^

Monday, May 26, 2008

Things I detest..!

Everyday...every single day,I get to see something that I completely dislike and yet, there isn't much I can do about it.I see people lying and although I feel like telling them to go take a hike,I have learnt to keep my mouth shut. I have seen people trying to act smart,trying to be nice,trying so hard that they fail completely.

Most of all,I hate it when people try to act as if they know everything when in actual they don't even have an idea about what they are talking.Showing off is something that really puts me off.Some people have the foolish notion that their value increases if they wear branded clothes..!! Someone should throw a bucket of cold water on their face and tell them to please wake up.

Wanna be's..I hate them.They are people who have lost their identity in their craze for latest fashion.Anything that is popluar is good for them,good or bad.

Another thing I hate about us human beings is that we are taught how to say things which we don't mean at all.That,I think is a very sad reality.We are born and brought up that way.We are told to keep our mouth shut and not speak our mind among people of higher stature.But who the hell cares?? And you know what is the worst part? We people,without even realising it,become like that.We are made conscious about what other people will think and fear plays the major role here.I am saying this because I have been a victim to this myself.So many times I refrain from speaking my mind because of the people around and what they might think.

One thing I am extremely happy about is that all this is changing now.I have learned to speak my mind even if people dislike it.And let me tell you feels fantastic!!The day you have the strength to say what you want to without fearing from anyone's presence,you are truly and extremely strong human being(by the way,I don't mean talking rubbish continously by this).
On the whole,I have learnt how to subtly put people in their place although I do agree that I have to learn a lot in this field.But,life is a learning experience.We live and we learn..that's what keeps me going on and on..