Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Give me a moment for I don't ask for more, to comprehend this world before me,
Sometimes I cower in fear and sometimes I revel in its beauty,
But what is my calling?
My heart is speaking a language different than that of my mind,
There is something nagging inside me,
Pulling me, demanding my attention,
But why do I see darkness everywhere?
The main question I dare?
Do I dare to follow my heart and stand all alone?
The world stands before me,
But I stand staring at it uncomprehendingly,
People move by, push me away,
There is a mad rush you know,
People have to earn a living,
But are they living??
I've grown up to see that money means everything and fame is what people desire,
Am I not normal to want love more than anything else?
Am I not normal for dreaming dreams that are too romantic in nature?
Give me a moment to comprehend where I live,
For what I see makes no sense to me.
But do I dare to stand alone?

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Dying and then jolting back with life..!!!!

For the past few days I could feel an air of gloom setting around me. I could feel myself stagnating. To tell you the truth, it's dance yet again! It's almost been 2 months since my last dance class. I really really miss it. Being away from dance makes me realize how much I need it to be in touch with myself. Dance is my identity and the more I stay away from it, the stronger it hits me.

So to make things better, I just locked the doors and decided to dance those blues away!!
Now I feel ten times better and a helluva lot more alive!
2 more weeks and I'm back to the dance floor!
My freedom awaits me and all I can say to myself at the moment is...BE PATIENT!!

Sunday, November 15, 2009


I live in a country where the poor people outnumber the rich ones, the urban class is oblivious to the turmoils of the rural class or perhaps prefer to stay in oblivion.
There are thousands of slums in our country with the majority of the children not going to schools. Not because the parents can't afford it but because there aren't enough people to make them UNDERSTAND.

I am a college going student involved in Social Work and a few days ago I actually entered a slum and saw from close quarters what was the living condition of the people who inhabited it. It wasn't a pleasant sight, to say the least. The sewage system was bad and you could see dirty water flowing everywhere, entering the tiny shacks when it rained too much. I looked into one of the houses and it was not more than 6x6 feet. I could see 7-8 people crammed inside. That is the condition they live in. No sewage system along with no hygiene in the area.
I wish I could put up some pictures to give you guys a better understanding of how it was. But I guess that will have to wait.

Along with that, we went to a construction site where migrant labourers lived with their children. Since they have to migrate every few months or years, they never get their children enrolled. That is where we are needed. To teach children who don't even know the meaning of education. But we had encountered a problem in that site. Majority of the labourers were Bengali and were hostile towards us. When one Hindi speaking labourer went on our behalf, they ouright refused, misunderstanding our offer. They thought we would charge them but fortunately, I'm a Bengali too!! After speaking to them and reassuring them that we would charge no money and would come to THEM, they agreed!

And hurray for that!!

We have launched 2 new projects. The project in the slum area has been named ABHILASHA which means WISH DESIRE. In this context it implies the desire to change the present condition of the children and help them in shaping a new tomorrow . The other project in the construction site (which I am really looking forward to) is named PEHAL, which means INITIATIVE in the Indian sense.

The fact is that there is a lot of work to be done and most of it will be hard. But the truth is that there is a solution for everything and I'm not saying this because I'm simply idealistic. We met a teacher who has been teaching the slum children for more than 10 years without any help from any NGO. It was he who told us that things can be difficult but if we have the right attitude and patience, things will happen.

So that is what we are working towards.....TO MAKE THINGS HAPPEN.

For anyone who is interested in reading what we do, please follow this link. It's the link to our first project named AASHAYEIN which means HOPE-

Monday, November 9, 2009


I walked on.....waiting...watching,
For the right time to come,
For the right person to come join me,
I waited..I walked,
The road became blurry,
The shadows haunted me,
Challenged me to go on,
I faltered..thought of giving up,
But something told me not to look back,
Don't give up..the silky voice whispered,
Not after coming such a long way,
So I squared my shoulders and walked on,
Morning came but with no hope,
The road ahead was bleak again,
No sign of life,
No sign of the one I waited for,
But I kept walking,
Never looking back, some unearthly hour,
When I had almost given up hope,
YOU stood before me,
You rewarded me for my perseverance,
You loved me for never giving up,
And I loved you back,
Because you made me realise,
That the hardest of journeys is not so hard when you know what you are looking for.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

This is what I think...

"In the sky of hope when the rays
start fading, don't look away. The clouds have just blocked their way, not
stopped them".

Today I want to ask all of you a question-

What is the thought which first comes to your mind when you think of me or my blog? What do you think before visiting my blog?

Something like..oh here comes another oh so philosophical and boring post?..hehe.

There are a few blogs which I regularly follow and I want to tell those people how much they mean to me and how much I love reading their blogs. So here goes-

1) Nancy- There is always a feeling of tremendous warmth whenever I think of you. Your blog gives me an insight into different facets of life and makes me believe that there is hope for everything. Thank you for ALWAYS being there. Your wisdom and honesty has always pulled me towards you.

2) Emmi- What can I say to you love? Whenever I think of you and your blog, the first word that comes to my mind is fighter. You're a fighter with tremendous courage and I love to read your blog. Everything about your blog is straight from the heart. You inspire me and always will.

3) John- Hehe..John. Whenever I think of your blog, the word open comes to my mind. You seem to be a very open hearted and kind person.Your blog invites everyone to join in and share the fun! I look forward to reading your blog because it simply documents the thoughts of a very good person with lovely thoughts.

4) Ron- Whenever there is a new entry in Ron's blog, I simply can't wait to read it! Every entry captures a new journey, a new experience and new emotions. You are a lovely writer Ron. All I can say to you is that you describe your life through a lens, and we are glad that we can share it with you. The only word that comes to my mind when I think of your blog is..amazing, simply amazing!

5) Gypsywoman- When I first stumbled upon your blog, I simply knew I had to follow you. There is something extremely beautiful and intriguing about your blog. Fearless is the word that comes to my mind when I think of your blog, for that is the impression I get from the way you write. Beautiful.
I want to thank all of you for making my blogging experience extremely beautiful and worthwhile.

Lots of love

Sunday, November 1, 2009


A moment when life strikes you with the force of a hurricane,
A moment you would want to freeze,
A moment in which your mind, body and soul are in perfect synchronisation,
A moment which won't come back again,
A moment where every pore of your being cries out with the joy of being alive,
A moment..that is all that it is,


That is what dance is for me...LIFE.