Monday, September 28, 2009

Away too long...

Hello my dear friends..!!
I've been away too long!
Actually, I've been dying to write a piece on my trip to Rajasthan. The tragedy was that my camera didn't work and I've had to wait for my friends to link me the pictures.

So here goes...

First of all, the trip was lovely. Rajasthan is a lovely place and I'm glad I went. I came to realise that it is rather stupid of me to always want to go to foreign countries when I haven't seen my own country properly! There is sooo much to see, so much beauty to appreciate. We basically went to Udaipur and Mount Abu. 2 days in Udaipur and 1 day in Mount Abu.

The place I was most impressed with in Udaipur was the CITY PALACE built by Maharana Udai Singh.

I was simply lost in its splendour and beauty. The way the kings used to live, the luxury, the beauty and the grandeur with which they celebrated everything simply blew me away. The views were so breathtaking that my friends had to actually drag me away. I have never travelled much and I know I would simply love to. I tried to make the most of every single moment and I guess that is one of the reasons why I loved these places so much.

Apart from many other tourist attractions, one which will always be imprinted in my memory is the Sunset Point in Mount Abu. I was amazed by the number of people who came to see it. Most of them were locals and it was lovely to see how nature pulled all of us together. It was as if all of us were joined together with something common and the moment the sun set, there were people hooting from every direction! Cries of joy could be heard everywhere and it was hard for us NOT to join in. So what the heck..!! We hooted too!

All in all, it was a wonderful trip and I will always carry the memories in my heart.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Wish me a happy journey

Hello there dear friends,
I'll be off for my college trip today at around 5:00 pm. We are going to MOUNT ABU and UDAIPUR in Rajasthan. I'll be back on 23rd at around 6:00 am.
I'll see you guys then and tell you all about my trip.

Love to all
See you soon

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Time for the leap...

Before I start this post, I would like to thank all those who understood me and actually made me see a different perspective of things. By the way, my grandfather came back that very evening. It was nothing serious, just a stomach infection, for which I am thankful.


Time is passing by and soon I will be finishing my college. Just a few more months and then comes the great leap. Once again starts the mad race of getting in in some good institute along with getting the course you wanted in the first place..hehe..that's rather difficult but not impossible. I mainly want to do my post graduation in International Relations but along with that I will also apply for Development Studies and Counselling. Somehow I know I will be great in Counselling. So let's see what it shall be. Time is passing by and so are the precious moments in college with my friends. After this final year no one knows where they will land up, so suddenly it seems that we friends have hardly spend any quality time together. It's as if there is no end to such leaps in life. From school to college, from college to university, from university to job, from job to marriage and so on..the cycle never ends right? But I guess that is how we evolve as human beings. Otherwise we would stagnate right?

Here is a picture of my college and I think it is positively beautiful. It's worth seeing when all the flowers are in full bloom.

I will miss my college like anything! It has given me so much. My college has been the healing experience I desperately needed. It has given me the confidence and faith which was eroded, the friends who have loved me and understood me against all odds, the opporunities which have made me what I am today and much more.
I will miss these college days....when all we have to worry about is grades and pocket money..hehe..I know that soon life will be much more complicated and will demand a lot more from me. But what the heck? That's life right? And I'm loving every moment of it.
So three cheers for IP college for Women..proud to be a part of it!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Now is this selfish or is this selfish?

Has anyone ever felt that love makes one selfish? Instead of all the lovely words associated with love I would like to use this word for once.

How does love make one selfish? When we love somebody, we want that person to spend as much time as possible with us. Why? Because it makes US happy, because WE want that person, WE need that person. Obviously its a two way thing with giving and receiving but in a way I find it selfish. Now you must be thinking why suddenly I'm thinking of love this way..well there is a verrrryy strong reason.

You know what I did...Yesterday my grandfather was taken to the hospital at around 4:30pm and I had my dance class at around 6:00 for which I would have to leave at 5:30. Instead of staying at home, I went for my dance class. There was no one except my brother, grandmother, her nurse and our domestic helper at home. My sisters were both out, working.
The right thing to do would be to stay at home, but I didn't. My love for dance pulled me and I couldn't resist. Didn't want to resist. Now how about that? Was that selfish or was that selfish? That was selfish. I never like to think of myself as a selfish human being, for I never want to be . But didn't my love for dance just make me one?

The feeling isn't very pleasant to say the least. I feel rotten but there is no point in feeling that now, right? As they say, what's done is done, but that doesn't solve my problem. I never want my love for someone or something make me selfish. Actually, I want quite the opposite. But is that possible? Is there actually no selfishness involved in love or do we just choose to see it that way?

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Small things that make me happy

This post is a reply to my dear Emmi.
Let's see..I simply have to write the small things of life which make me happy. I would like all of you reading this post to do the same.

So here goes-

1) Watching good anime especially Kenshin and Bleach.
2) Singing along whenever I listen to a song I love.
3) Dancing!! The moment I listen to Deja Vu by Beyonce or Buttons by PCD, I
seem to lose control..hehe..these aren't my favourite songs yet I love the
beats for dancing.
4) Just closing my eyes and listening to soft numbers like All out of love and
making love out of nothing at all by Air Supply or Right here waiting by
Richard Marx.
5) Buying trinkets like earings when I have hardly any money
left..hehe..somehow I feel happy when I do buy such things. Even nail paint!
6) Just looking at my partner's picture where he is smiling is enough to make
me smile back. Sometimes just looking at him in the webcam and watching
him look back at me is enough silence me and thank god for what I have
7) Eating chips!!! Lays especially!
Let's include chicken momos to that list also! And a South Indian dish called
Vada Saambar.It's pure heaven!
8) Irritating the hell out of my best friend Neha makes me happy..hehe..her
reactions are all worth it!
9) Writing a piece on my blog knowing that there are people out there who
care to drop by and read my random thoughts.
10) Reading a novel which keeps me hooked all through the day and leaves me
in a daze all night long makes me feel great! Makes me realise how much I
11) Dressing up before going to college..not to impress others but for my own
satisfaction makes me feel good.
12) Getting things done gives me a high. The feeling of accomplishment is
worth all the effort.
13) SLEEPING! I love sleeping, especially when I am dead tired and deserve it!

Now, now...I can go on and on. Such a post gives a real insight into the type of person one is. Even though it is based on the small things of life, it somehow reflects what one really loves in life.
Your turn my friends...