Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Small things that make me happy

This post is a reply to my dear Emmi.
Let's see..I simply have to write the small things of life which make me happy. I would like all of you reading this post to do the same.

So here goes-

1) Watching good anime especially Kenshin and Bleach.
2) Singing along whenever I listen to a song I love.
3) Dancing!! The moment I listen to Deja Vu by Beyonce or Buttons by PCD, I
seem to lose control..hehe..these aren't my favourite songs yet I love the
beats for dancing.
4) Just closing my eyes and listening to soft numbers like All out of love and
making love out of nothing at all by Air Supply or Right here waiting by
Richard Marx.
5) Buying trinkets like earings when I have hardly any money
left..hehe..somehow I feel happy when I do buy such things. Even nail paint!
6) Just looking at my partner's picture where he is smiling is enough to make
me smile back. Sometimes just looking at him in the webcam and watching
him look back at me is enough silence me and thank god for what I have
7) Eating chips!!! Lays especially!
Let's include chicken momos to that list also! And a South Indian dish called
Vada Saambar.It's pure heaven!
8) Irritating the hell out of my best friend Neha makes me happy..hehe..her
reactions are all worth it!
9) Writing a piece on my blog knowing that there are people out there who
care to drop by and read my random thoughts.
10) Reading a novel which keeps me hooked all through the day and leaves me
in a daze all night long makes me feel great! Makes me realise how much I
11) Dressing up before going to college..not to impress others but for my own
satisfaction makes me feel good.
12) Getting things done gives me a high. The feeling of accomplishment is
worth all the effort.
13) SLEEPING! I love sleeping, especially when I am dead tired and deserve it!

Now, now...I can go on and on. Such a post gives a real insight into the type of person one is. Even though it is based on the small things of life, it somehow reflects what one really loves in life.
Your turn my friends...


epasen said...

Emmi likes this very much!

Nancy said...

Lets see - seeing my children, grandchild, or a phone call from them, looking out at my stream, looking at the lake, spending a cozy evening with my husband when it's snowing outside, reading a really good book that makes me think, cake of all kinds, eating our dinner on the deck during summer, and fresh flowers every two weeks for my house.

Just a few. Thanks for asking.

JennyMac said...

What a great list!

DEVOTED said...

hey.. ur list sounds really familiar! I echo most of the same... but if i had to add a bit.. then..
1. lazing around on a holiday, knowing that noone would tick me off for that!
2. surprises... especially from my husband
3. listening to music and rain

do write back!

tusharika said...

...one more girl,being with dad just being with him..n to say deep inside.."daddy i love u alot"..