Thursday, August 27, 2009

Who is lost and who isn't?

Walking through the roads, I see all kinds of expressions on people's faces. Some kind, some haggard, some angry, some tired and some plain lechy. But there is something common in most of their expressions. There is a dullness which comes of living a mundane life with nothing to look forward to. How must that feel?

The common man who earns is too worried about money and the future of his children. The mother, if working, is torn apart between duty and profession which gives her no time for herself. I sometimes feel that people stop making an effort to evolve after a certain level. Perhaps it is an unconscious thing and they don't even realise it as they are too caught up in day to day activities. Another fact is that not everybody can have the luxury to "GET AWAY". Not everybody can afford it and what happens to them? I wonder...

What happens when one stops asking questions to oneself? Stops questioning their own actions and why did they happen the way they did. Sometimes the competition around sickens me. It is everywhere and it makes one selfish. It makes one feel that the whole world is standing against them and there is nothing to do but fend for themselves. Sometimes I just feel like walking away from all this and being totally alone with just a pen and paper. Nature attracts me a lot at such times and I truly regret that I have never seen much of it.

Hehehe... I'm being too serious eh? Just felt it and needed to write it. As always that is what gives me solace when my mind is troubled.

In the journey of life I want to make sure that I don't stop evolving as a human being . If I stop that, my life will be empty, devoid of any meaning. When I stop evolving, I will have nothing to offer and nothing worth receiving in return. Let's all make sure that such a stage never comes. That is why I always make sure that at least one day in a week is just for me, for how can I give to others if I don't give anything to myself?

So three cheers to me time!


Nancy said...

I'm cheering with you! Clink - we just toasted our glasses to never giving up and not having a dream, to staying current, to being in nature, to living our lives to the fullest!!

Expat From Hell said...

Your comments are well beyond your years, my dear. However, remember that your good reflection and self-awareness will leave you alone for most of your life. You will be far from those who only think for the moment (most people), and will have only a few - precious - people who will understand, appreciate, and support you. Onward, young lady! Best to you!


John said...

lechy... hmmm that's a new word. Did you mean Letchumi-like looking or lecherous?

Adj. given to excessive sexual activity and debauchery

DEVOTED said...

I love what you have just written. It came at just the right time!Sadly, i think i will be part of that part of the crowd who has slowly been sucked into living life like a well oiled machine. Routine and monotonous. My best friend, just two days back gave me a showdown on not letting my identity go for a toss. She has truly set me thinking on the lines of 'breaking free' and sticking to self fulfilment like i used to before i married. and you have just fueled that need. Thanks so much!

Inge' said...

Found your blog through John @I Have Dreams.

I find myself trying to fall into some of the very traps you have described. I have to take a step back and ask myself "Why am I really doing this?".

Very insightful thoughts and a realistic look at humanity. I think that by recognizing these issues in others, we become more aware of them in ourselves.

I enjoyed reading this post and look froward to reading more from you!