Tuesday, August 4, 2009


What is beauty? Something which appeals the eye? Something beautiful and attractive? So what all comes under the purview of beauty?

For me beauty has many faces..let me tell you what I think is beauty-

Beauty is when we see a young child helping his grandfather cross the street,beauty is when someone succeeds in making another human being smile, beauty is the expression on one's face after reading a lovely book which had a profound impact on him/her, beauty is when you see someone walk with life poring out of every inch of the person's being, beauty is when you can see a person who has a true zest for living, beauty is when our mind and body move as one in the way we exactly we want, beauty is between two lovers walking hand in hand with not a care in the world. The connection and understanding which needs no words is what I would call beautiful.

Nature is beauty. The perfect sychronization between each and every living and non living thing, the way things are exactly where they are supposed to be, the silent understanding between animals is what I would call beauty.

Art is beauty, music is beauty, dance is beauty. For me anything which expresses the inner being is beautiful. What do you feel when you look at Michelangelo's work? Does it touch you? It certainly touches me and that is what is beautiful. The power to touch and to move. What do you feel when you listen to your favourite song? When I listen to Annie's Song by John Denver, I'm moved to tears. That is what I call beautiful. What do you feel when you see two dancers locked in each other's arms and giving all they have? What do you feel when you see their bodies moving in perfect unison and not a step seems out of place? Their movements seem effortless and for me, that is beautiful.

Beauty is expression and expression is beauty. So if we just look around, there is quite a lot of beauty to admire! Beauty isn't a complex phenomenon. It is there around us all the time. It's presence is everywhere if we care to look.


SearchingSoul said...

Hi Deboshree,

What a wonderful way of expaining what beauty is. I am moved by your poignant description of seemingly ordinary things but overflowing with beauty.

I believe that only a person who possesses this inner beauty can truly be successful in expressing it.

Thank you for you latest comment on my post.

Nancy said...

Very well said. I couldn't agree with you more. I might add a child's smile - I think that is beauty.

That picture is incredible!

Deboshree said...

@Searching soul- Thanks a lot^_^

@Nancy- Yes,I missed that! I can't believe it! Thanks for dropping by.


Vrinda said...


that was nice. what was it that struck this chord - must have something far more spectacular than wats written here.
How have u been... long time since u visited me? do come by sometime.


Trish and Rob MacGregor said...

Great post. You've defined beauty perfectly!

JennyMac said...

Great post...and yes, if we take the time to look, there is beauty abounding. I notice it so much more clearly and more often when I slowwww downnn.