Sunday, August 23, 2009

Our very first dance class

So people, I'm finally a dance trainer. Not in the sense you are thinking. I DID NOT take up probation and give up all my hours to dancing in front of the mirror at the cost of sacrificing everything else. But I have still become a trainer. How?
Yes, I taught dance to the children, children who are too poor to afford Jazz classes. These are the children who belong to the NGO I work for. It was great. The feeling was great, knowing that I can make good use of my talent and not just for myself but for spreading happiness among these children. Dance brings confidence and increases one self esteem along with building determination. At least dance has done that to me and much more along with that.
The children were a bit difficult to handle but on the whole, they were eager learners who respected my love for dance and did what I told them to do. It was a two way thing, you know. It wasn't as if they were the only ones benefiting from my classes. They helped me too. It was heart warming to see that they loved me and respected me enough to listen to me and give their 100%. And when they dance! Wow! They picked up really fast. I knew they were talented, but sooo much! I'm very proud of them and I know that every saturday will be a new learning experience, both for them and me.
This Saturday hit home the fact once again- THERE IS NOTHING GREATER THAN THE JOY OF GIVING.


epasen said...

I absolutely loved this entry. It's so full of excitement, inspiration, happiness and every single word you said about dance is true.
Made me smile.

Nancy said...

What a wonderful way to give, too! I think dance can be done all by themselves, at odd times. You are giving a gift that will keep on giving. Bravo!

Deboshree said...

Thanks guys!!^_^

TheChicGeek said...

What a lovely post and so true; the best gift we can give to ourselves is to give to others. There is nothing like it...spreading joy and love makes life worthwhile.

Keep on Dancing :)
Have a Happy Day!

John said...

Can't agree more :)

It is more blessed to give than to receive!

Small Footprints said...

Hi! I'm here from "I have Dreams"! What a lovely blog.

How kind of you to offer children your gift of dance. I'll bet they left with smiles on their faces and a happy feeling in their heart.

If everyone did the same ... just think how wonderful this world would be!

Small Footprints

JennyMac said...

Awesome! Love dancing and love your description. Bravo.

Anirban said...

awesome Deboshree :-)