Thursday, August 13, 2009


Well, I think everyone must have heard of this Academy award winning movie starring Brad Pitt and Cate Blanchett.

I had heard quite a lot about this movie and we decided to rent the CD after we heard that Revolutionary Road wasn't available at the moment.

The movie was all I had expected and more. I don't know how to do justice with what I felt when I saw it last night. This movie made me wonder....what if...what if we were born the other way around? What if we became younger with every passing day? What if we kept growing younger? I think it would be terribly sad to see the ones you love fade away in front of your eyes while you keep getting younger. And terribly sad it was.

The movie made me think about so many things. Right now, at this moment, I'm young and alive. What will my life be like 20 years down the line? What will I be? Who will be with me and who will I lose? The moments pass by now without much notice but a time will come when every moment will drag and how longingly I will think of moments like these.

We come to this world all alone and leave it that way. But there is a short period between these two happenings and that is the time when we write our story. I know the coming years are going to bring the peak of my story and I want it to be beautiful. I want it to be something worth remembering, something that will give inspiration to people even after I leave this world. I don't want my life to be smooth sailing all the time. I want to see all sides of life and struggling is a very important part. How will I be strong if I don't struggle? I have seen quite a few things in life but not that much.

The movie made me feel grateful for what I have and grateful I am. It made me feel that the moment is now. There is no yesterday or tomorrow. What matters is now, today, this moment. It made me want to live every moment to the fullest for what I have today may not be with me tomorrow. The unpredictability of life struck me anew.

It made me feel that I have to make a difference and somehow, I just know I will.


John said...

Hi Deboshree!

You have a nice blog here. Ah, a philosopher in the making! How interesting. You're the first friend I know of who is into philosophy. Pardon me if I guessed wrongly, but your blog is just filled with philosophical thoughts and ideas :)

By the way (#1), what a coincidence that I recently rented and watched the same movie too. Don't you think that the behaviour of a baby/child and that of an elderly is almost similar whether you age forwardly or backwardly?

By the way (#2), I'm pretty sure that's not you, the topless women in your blogger profile pic :p

John said...

woman, I meant :)

Expat From Hell said...

Dear Deboshree: I also recently saw this movie. I loved it, too. I think the contrast between struggles and successes made it interesting, especially since the life was going in reverse. Or was it? That was the compelling question. It is good to read your work again.

Best to you.


Aashayein said...
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SearchingSoul said...

Hi Deboshree,

I always wanted to watch that movie because of the good reviews. Thanks for reminding me to include it in my list. Now I will have a lot of time to catch up on those I missed.

Reading from your thoughts, I can say that a lot of times, we live life the other way around.