Sunday, August 16, 2009

The day that was.......

Have I ever in my life had such a wonderful Independence day in my life? I think not!

Yesterday on 15th August, I was to spend the day with the children of the NGO I work for. Aashayein (Hopes) is the name of our NGO which is under AID(Association for Indian Development).

All I can say is that the day was made special because of all the volunteers and the children. The camaraderie between all the volunteers was indeed heart warming. Because of the bonding things were easy to handle. The day had started with pouring rain but that didn't make a huge difference as the desire to have a wonderful day was too strong in us.

We had many activities which included a quiz competition, art competition, singing, dancing by the children which was followed by prize distribution and distribution of food packets.

More than anything else, the feeling of being one with all the volunteers is what touched all of us. After the end of the celebrations, all of us headed to Nirula's where we shared the laughter of a lifetime. We were in Nirula's in the above picture and I'm second on the right side.

I hope that yesterday was just the beginning of a wonderful journey. For me, it shall always be a day worth remembering.

Love to all my team members


Dan Denardo said...

Greetings, Deboshree,

I am honored that you visited my blog. Yes, Ron and SS are very good blogging friends of mine. And Ron is a colleague of mine. He is a fascinating young man and I am grateful to call him my friend. You have a VERY nice blog. I'll be following along. All the best to you!

epasen said...

You'll make it a wonderful journey. :) I know it.

selva ganapathy said...

Good hai!.. Keep it up Debo!

John said...

Camaraderie... what a nice word :)

Looking great, Deboshree, I must say. Thanks for sharing with us your photo with your chums.

Regarding your question about that lady in the picture, well, I couldn't agree with you just yet, unless, of course, that lady is, indeed you... hahaha... Then yes, she is beautiful, without any hesitation ;) Reason why I can't agree with you yet is... I don't know how she looks like from the front, or maybe she has no front?!?! Ok, let's not get into that... LOL... And I personally think that true beauty comes from within, speaking from experience :)

Ooppss, I know I'm supposed to comment on your post about Aashayein, about that most wonderful day that you had... hope you didn't mind :p