Monday, July 27, 2009


It's raining outside and suddenly it feels as though Nature is no longer angry. Instead of the sweltering heat, there is a cool breeze accompanied by lovely rain...sigh...makes me philosophical.

Sometimes, actually many times, whenever I meet someone senior to me in stature, I get this feeling of being a inferior. Why does this happen although I know it happens to everyone?

If I would meet someone as a stranger, not knowing what that person does but just talking to that person as a normal human being, wouldn't that be infinitely better? Just connecting at the very basic level..the level of human beings who feel and think instead of judge. But I do judge and I try to change that and with time, I know I will.

I wish there was some way by which one could simply erase all these distinctions based on degrees and occupations. That is one reason why I love the blogging world. Here we are simply human beings with thoughts and experiences to share.Nothing more and nothing less. That is the precise reason why it is beautiful.

As for how to tackle the problem, I know that the answer lies within me but it isn't that easy. Sometimes I think it isn't easy and then sometimes I think that perhaps I am just complicating things for myself and in the end, nothing is as bad or complicated as one thinks to be.

As for judging people, it has reduced considerably but I can't say that it has gone completely. All I can say is that I have improved from before and will continue to try till I succeed for I know that the world is a reflection of my thoughts...what I think is what I shall see.

Do any of you feel the same way at times?


epasen said...

I do.

I think the best advice to ANYTHING in this world is: Do what feels right to you, what makes you feel good. That's the right thing to do.


Nancy said...

I think I felt that way when I was younger more than I do now. But there will always be people that make you feel inferior. I am reading a book right now called The Intention Experiment, and it talks about bad intentions. I think sometimes people are sending out bad thoughts, just in general, and somehow we pick them up and feel strange, but don't really know why. Most people don't know that their thoughts have have real consequences. I think the blog world is a great equalizer, just as you said. Maybe it is a start at bringing people together without all the things that tend to separate us like status, money, appearances.

We can only work on ourselves, our thinking. Maybe it will spread.

Anonymous said...

jai ma tara..tumi eto kichu likhe phelecho, aar amake post-er por aamake janio..kamon ? :-)

CrazyCris said...

I sometimes fall prey to "first impressions" and I've always tried to fight against that in myself...

I guess the only way we can do anything about "judging" is trying to correct it in ourselves and then try to educate the people around us.

Interesting post!

Thx for stopping by and visiting my place! Always a pleasure to meet new visitors! :o)