Thursday, July 2, 2009



My friend gave me this book and since I wanted something to read, I started.

My partner had told me beforehand that the book is rather slow and boring and does not reach a point where one can't stop reading it.

Well, I started and I must say that the beginning was a bit disappointing and it didn't make much sense. Well, since when did super natural stuff make sense anyway? I told myself that and kept reading. There were places when I had tears reading it. The love between Lisey and Scott was not a perfect love story with all the passion and romance as promised in fairy tales. And that is why I loved it. I loved coz it was simply human and real. It was something true, not to be dreamt of but to be felt for real. It was not about excitement and never ending passion, it was about loyalty, true understanding and a love which grows stronger with time, a love which weathers all the storms and decides to hold on anyway. That is why I loved it. Because it was true.

The book is about a journey of conquering your worst fears and more than that. There are very few people in this world with whom we can share our deepest fears. Much less are the people who can really understand them. Scott shared his fears with Lisey and Lisey understood him. She is the one who saved him countless times and saved him even on his dying day by simply being with him.

It was a lovely story. There was one part which made me terribly sad because it was very true. It meant-

When someone we love dies, it doesn't really register in our minds. In some way, they keep living in our minds and hearts. But then come the times when you wake up all alone in bed and you to tell yourself that the person you love is DEAD.GONE. That is how they actually die. Slowly and gradually. They die a little bit more everyday but never do they die in one go.

Lisey's story was Lisey's journey of letting her husband's soul rest in peace. Every morning she woke up and she kept talking to herself in Scott's voice. Many times, she heard him talk to her. That is the saddest part. She could'nt let go. The story is all about how she finally lets go and how bloody hard it is.

I was crying like hell when the book finished. She finally let the dead rest where they belonged. In the past. It was so sad to even think of loved ones being parted that way. But that is life, isn't it? We live, we love and we die.

Lisey's story can be seen in many other perspectives too. It can be said that certain parts were gruesome and it can be said that certain parts were lovely. I choose both. It was the gruesome and sad parts which made the lovely parts all the more beautiful. Isn't that the truth of life? The struggle makes the prize all the more valuable.

A lovely book with a poignant story given meaning by two people-Scott and Little Lisey.

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SearchingSoul said...

What an excellent book review. I am never fond of Stephen King but reading how it touched you, it makes me want to read it myself.

Catching up on your previous posts, I was moved by your blog on Sclero. What a sweet tribute to a blog friend.

Be well always.