Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Hello there my dear friends,

Been down with Viral fever.Still am.

Isn't it strange how sickness make you contemplate so much? You get so much time to yourself that you are bound to wonder about many things happening around you.

When I was in bed reading a book or writing it made me think how helpless I am. I hated the feeling of depending on someone, even if it's my own family. A burden seems a burden and then I thought how sad life would be if we never had someone who really genuinely cares for us.

Sure enough there will be people to laugh with us but how many will stick around and be your strength in times of weakness? How futile will life seem then? With no one to love and no one to love you back?

Sometimes I take my loved ones for granted and this period has made me realise how wrong of me that was.

My partner, although living in another city, made me feel so much in these few days. His concern for me was genuine and I can't explain in words how blessed I felt. Eventhough he treated me like a child at times, I loved it. I love him. With everything I have and I'm grateful that it is reciprocated in equal measure (sometimes more).

If you are reading this my paira, I want you to know how much you mean to me and thank you for always being there without fail. I love you.

I have to catch up with reading my favourite blogs now.




Nancy said...

Hope you are feeling better soon! Love your new blog look btw.

I agree it is the people who are with you in sickness and in health that mean the most. I'm really glad you have people there that love you and will stand by you when you need them.

SearchingSoul said...

I wish you get well soon, my friend. You are fortunate to have your loved ones to take care of you.

I love the new look of your blog.

California Girl said...

those are questions we all ponder no matter our age. you are more aware than you think. I don't think I was thinking of anyone other than myself at 19 and I know my sons weren't so you are ahead of the game.

I hope you are well soon. Your photos are beautiful. Black background makes everything pop!

Deboshree said...

Thank you very much my dear friends.
Yes, sometimes I do think I'm ahead my age..hehe..doesn't matter though^_^


selva ganapathy said...

yeh badhiya hai re!...... get well soon!:)... write more!