Saturday, September 12, 2009

Time for the leap...

Before I start this post, I would like to thank all those who understood me and actually made me see a different perspective of things. By the way, my grandfather came back that very evening. It was nothing serious, just a stomach infection, for which I am thankful.


Time is passing by and soon I will be finishing my college. Just a few more months and then comes the great leap. Once again starts the mad race of getting in in some good institute along with getting the course you wanted in the first place..hehe..that's rather difficult but not impossible. I mainly want to do my post graduation in International Relations but along with that I will also apply for Development Studies and Counselling. Somehow I know I will be great in Counselling. So let's see what it shall be. Time is passing by and so are the precious moments in college with my friends. After this final year no one knows where they will land up, so suddenly it seems that we friends have hardly spend any quality time together. It's as if there is no end to such leaps in life. From school to college, from college to university, from university to job, from job to marriage and so on..the cycle never ends right? But I guess that is how we evolve as human beings. Otherwise we would stagnate right?

Here is a picture of my college and I think it is positively beautiful. It's worth seeing when all the flowers are in full bloom.

I will miss my college like anything! It has given me so much. My college has been the healing experience I desperately needed. It has given me the confidence and faith which was eroded, the friends who have loved me and understood me against all odds, the opporunities which have made me what I am today and much more.
I will miss these college days....when all we have to worry about is grades and pocket money..hehe..I know that soon life will be much more complicated and will demand a lot more from me. But what the heck? That's life right? And I'm loving every moment of it.
So three cheers for IP college for Women..proud to be a part of it!


Expat From Hell said...

Leap, girl, leap! Life is only about leaping, remember that. You will meet and encounter many who will refuse, will shy away, will turn to something safe. You are cut out for far more. I am looking forward to reading about it, dear Deboshree. LEAP!


John said...

LOL I couldn't agree with you more, Deboshree.

There was a time when life was sooooooo simple that all I worried about was yummy milk and someone changing my diapers when it gets wet or dirty.

And yes, do continue to enjoy the CHANGE :) It's inevitable.

Nancy said...

Congratulations. My daughter graduated in June. She's on her own now, and a wee bit scared about it all, but doing well in her job. We are very proud of her. Your college is indeed beautiful. Post-graduate studies in human development and counseling sounds terrific. I studied human development and family studies with a minor in psychology. It has enhanced my life enormously. With your degree including counseling, you should have a great career.

Ron said...

I'm so glad I finally made it over to your blog. Thank you so much for your continued support and blessings throughout my trips. Your words of encouragement mean the world to me.

Hey, I completely understand about leaving college. It was one of the best times of my life--and like all things, it does come to an end--but at the same time, as you've stated, the cycle continues. I still keep in touch with my close friends from college--despite being so busy. Actually, we are all busy and we all live exactly the same lives, but when we're together, it's like college days all over again! Don't worry, you'll relive it again and again. Memories never fade.

Blessings to you and all the best!