Saturday, November 21, 2009

Dying and then jolting back with life..!!!!

For the past few days I could feel an air of gloom setting around me. I could feel myself stagnating. To tell you the truth, it's dance yet again! It's almost been 2 months since my last dance class. I really really miss it. Being away from dance makes me realize how much I need it to be in touch with myself. Dance is my identity and the more I stay away from it, the stronger it hits me.

So to make things better, I just locked the doors and decided to dance those blues away!!
Now I feel ten times better and a helluva lot more alive!
2 more weeks and I'm back to the dance floor!
My freedom awaits me and all I can say to myself at the moment is...BE PATIENT!!


Nancy said...

It is your expression of life. I'm really glad you will be back doing what you love. I feel that way about writing. I really miss it when I'm not doing it. But sometimes I need a break to remember that.


GOOD FOR YOU! while i am not a "dancer" per se, i do love to dance - and many times when i am home and hear something that moves me i get up and "dance" around - i've even been known to do that [for sorts] in restaurants - good for the soul! dancing for you - and writing and painting for me, like nancy said - neat post! have a great day!

Alicia @ boylerpf said... release those feel good endorphins that sooth our inner being! I'm not a dancer such as you but know that when I'm a little down, I'll close the doors and turn up the music (do a little dance too) and everything seems better.

So glad you found me through Kelly...I've so enjoyed reading through your blog!

epasen said...

All I can say is man, I know the feeling. And I know you know what I'm saying here.
Take care love,