Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Give me a moment for I don't ask for more, to comprehend this world before me,
Sometimes I cower in fear and sometimes I revel in its beauty,
But what is my calling?
My heart is speaking a language different than that of my mind,
There is something nagging inside me,
Pulling me, demanding my attention,
But why do I see darkness everywhere?
The main question I dare?
Do I dare to follow my heart and stand all alone?
The world stands before me,
But I stand staring at it uncomprehendingly,
People move by, push me away,
There is a mad rush you know,
People have to earn a living,
But are they living??
I've grown up to see that money means everything and fame is what people desire,
Am I not normal to want love more than anything else?
Am I not normal for dreaming dreams that are too romantic in nature?
Give me a moment to comprehend where I live,
For what I see makes no sense to me.
But do I dare to stand alone?


linda said...

yes, you do dare to stand alone ... this is lovely and I am honored to have read it...thank you for sharing something from your deepest heart, it was uplifting...

blessings and thank you for your lovely comment♥

TheChicGeek said...

Most definitely Deboshree! Oh, you write the most beautiful things. All the feelings you write about here I feel myself. I believe many of us feel these things. The key is to act and follow our dreams, isn't it. It is always a challenge.

Beautiful post! Thank you for this! I came to wish you a Happy American Thanksgiving and here you have given me a gift :)

Hugs and Love to You!

epasen said...

Why wouldn't you with us right behind you, ready to catch you if you should fall temporarily. Ready to celebrate with you when you will succeed.

Deboshree said...

@Linda- Thank you so much for your words. I am the one honoured with such lovely words. Thank you for dropping by ^_^

@Kelly- You really are something! Whenever I see your comment, I start smiling! You directly go to the heart of the matter, right?
Your thoughts are lovely Kelly and thank you for ALWAYS understanding my feelings

Lots of love to you!

@Emmi- You always have stood behind me and inspired me with your words. Thank you for being a lovely friend, my dear. I will always hold you close to my heart.

Lots of love

Anonymous said...

Dear Deboshree, thanks for stopping by :) I feel you here, even at my age my heart calls daily for my destiny. It is a nagging, unrelenting feeling that nibbles on my soul. So it doesn't matter what age, culture you are; the heart calleth. The only one that can answer the question, "Do I dare?" is you. Who cares if people laugh or tell you to get a real job. Look at all the trailblazers (the ones who stood alone) over the centuries: Einstein, Van Gogh, Sir Isaac Newton, Poe, Gandhi and soooo many others who answered the inner call.

People who tell you to face reality are the ones who are simply existing not truly living.


but, of course, you MUST! not even a question! so must we all! i've always colored outside the lines!!! so, DO!

Deboshree said...

@gypsywoman- I sincerely believe in whatever you say and yes, I will draw out of the lines..^_^

Thanks for dropping by.

Nancy said...

Be who you are meant to be, Deboshree. Sometimes that means exploring and taking chances.