Monday, November 9, 2009


I walked on.....waiting...watching,
For the right time to come,
For the right person to come join me,
I waited..I walked,
The road became blurry,
The shadows haunted me,
Challenged me to go on,
I faltered..thought of giving up,
But something told me not to look back,
Don't give up..the silky voice whispered,
Not after coming such a long way,
So I squared my shoulders and walked on,
Morning came but with no hope,
The road ahead was bleak again,
No sign of life,
No sign of the one I waited for,
But I kept walking,
Never looking back, some unearthly hour,
When I had almost given up hope,
YOU stood before me,
You rewarded me for my perseverance,
You loved me for never giving up,
And I loved you back,
Because you made me realise,
That the hardest of journeys is not so hard when you know what you are looking for.


TheChicGeek said...

Deboshree, this is so beautiful! I love it! And the picture is pure magic...I love it so much.

Your words speak to me today too. I was thinking about a relationship that I recently had and realized that I have walked too far alone, hoped for, waited too long to settle for less than the very best for me. I am waiting for the real deal, a loving, honest man that cherishes and respects me. I won't settle for any less.
I am so happy you have found the BEST!
Really beautiful. I enjoyed this so very much!
Thank you for this today :)

AubintheDark said...

Such profound words. They really affect me. Great job Deboshree.

John said...

This is so sweet!

And I couldn't agree more with this...

... the hardest of journeys is not so hard when you know what you are looking for.

Never look at how far you have yet to go. Always look at how far you have covered, together :)

Take care and I wish you and your baby all the best!

Anil P said...

It's surprising how when one keeps walking, pulling away from the pulls that could get one down, the road gets easier to negotiate.


wonderful post! very profound - and speaks to us all i think!

Anonymous said...

Ah, the walk of perseverance and most of all patience even in the midst of gloom and uncertainty. Beautiful, inspiring, heartfelt. Thanks for stopping by! I appreciate it, immensely.