Thursday, May 29, 2008


Thursday..the fourth day of the week.Alas! I find my peace and I realise that I am a human being who cannot live without complete peace of mind.I never thought that one could be so disturbed with simple thoughts,but I find myself in a position where thoughts play the main role.

What are we anyway??

We are what we think? Not at all..!!

Many a time we think about things which we might never do.Thoughts don't make us,but our actions most certainly do..
You know what is the problem with us? we try to find answers to questions which are actually absolutely irrelevant.I,for one,do exactly that.When everything is going smoothly,I just have to find something which is not happening the way it should.It's so damn easy to find problems and believe me,it takes me a lot more time to solve them and make myself believe that there is actually no problem to begin with. the end of the day,I have convinced myself that there is nothing wrong and it's just a matter of time before I start pestering myself yet again..^_^

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