Sunday, June 1, 2008

You can't run from what you hate...

Here I am,a person who hates politics and everything that comes along with it..BUT somehow,I have ended up doing honours in political science..!! Strange,isn't it?
So,here comes the most important question..
What is politics?
A dirty game which involves corrupt people with flexible morals??
One thing I have learnt after taking up political science is that politics is definitely much more than that.But the sad reality is that the leaders of our country have destroyed the very meaning of politics.
The truth of the matter is that more often than not,if you ask someone the meaning of politics,the words corruption,bribery,theft,muscle power and money,are bound to come.
In the beginning,when the term State did not even exist,there used to be so much peace and harmony..NOW..That was what I used to think before.Now,however,I see that there has always and will be conflict in society.Be it in the tribal societies or the present day capitalist society,conflicts have always been an inevitable part of human nature.
It's sad that power has corrupted man so deeply.Earlier,politics was just meant to bring about people's welfare and organisation of the society.It was synonymous with development.
How has the meaning changed so dramatically now?
We cannot put the whole blame on politicians.We,as citizens,have also a major role to play.We,as voters are often unaware of the true political scene.I know many who don't even exercise their voting rights,but come forward when it comes to blaming it all on the politicians..!! plays the main role when it comes to choosing our political leaders.It is sad that the vast majority of Indians are still uneducated.Everyone knows how the politicians mobilise people on caste basis..
EDUCATE THE PEOPLE..!!I am glad that people are becoming more and more aware day by day.It is a poke in right direction I might say..!!
I look forward to the day when all the regional and caste leaders meet a crumbling defeat and secularism and development of all becomes the national cry..not only in word,but also in deed

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