Wednesday, June 4, 2008


LOVE...what is love??
Can anyone tell me exactly what it is?
If anyone can,I would rather tell them not even to try,for giving love a meaning in simple words is just simplifying its real depth.There is a special someone in my life because of whom I have had the chance to feel so much .He is the man of my life.The man who has taught me how it feels to love and be loved ten times more.

Never before in my life have I felt so much for a person.

These simple words-"I LOVE YOU",have never before held so much meaning before.NEVER have I seen such genuine love before.He has no idea how much I love him,but I am going to spend all my life proving him how much.

Love is the most beautiful emotion in this world and a human being can want nothing more than the desire of being loved by someone special.

Many say that love is a state of mind,but I say that people who say that don't really know how deep true love goes.I am on the path of discovering it myself..!

As for compassion,my darling partner says that I am very compassionate.I wonder if he has any idea how compassionate he is..!

A human being can't be complete till the time he cannot feel for others.Feeling..that is the most beautiful part of being a human being.How wonderful it is to be truly alive and feel everything so very deeply..!!

Everything we do..everything should have a touch of love in it.Somehow,by doing that,our work becomes special.Anything we do,when we feel it from within and do it,there will always be something that will instantly touch others.Love attracts love.There is an invisible bond between all of us.

When we take leave from someone's company , just a simple touch is enough to give you a special place in that person's heart.A warm hug,a genuine heartfelt thanks or a simple look which conveys a lot is enough to touch someone very deeply...

So go the people near you,for tomorrow never really comes...

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