Sunday, December 27, 2009

A whole new world.....

Guess what?
My uncle gifted me a digital camera this week! I wanted one for so long but circumstances were such that it had to wait. I guess luck just kicks in at times.

More than myself or my friends, what I love clicking the most is the things around me. It may be a simple market full of busy people, but there is beauty there too.It's something special to just capture those people who move by without noticing each other. So what do I do? I stand far away. Simply stop for a moment and think about what exactly I see.

What I see is an enormous whole where each person is connected to another and simply incomplete without each other's presence. Even in a busy market, though we may never really pay attention to it, we feel safe when there are people around us. When the crowd begins to thin, it's time to go home. We are so deeply linked in a way and such complete strangers at the same time. Such is the world we live in.

So I chose this day to capture a few shots of our busy market where people from all parts of our city pour in to shop for anything and everything.

And I'll tell you something else. Sometimes, it's simply lovely to be alone and appreciate the world around you. And these sometimes are going to be pretty often 'coz I believe that there is something to capture everywhere we go.



sol said...

I concur! there is beauty all around, even in the most innocuous places (like a market place) ...most don't take the time to stop and appreciate it, or even understand the beauty it holds within.

have fun with your new camera!!! And keep enjoying all that surrounds you!


Anonymous said...

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder...ekebare thik kotha.

Tasveer lete rehna aur unki soundarya ko sanjoote rehna... ^_^

Ron said...

Once the shutter bug gets you, you're never the same. I love your moto and the way you're approaching your new hobby.

You know, I review a lot of portfolios and constantly have mine reviewed as well--but one of the things I look for when viewing other peoples work is if their images can tell me who they are, what kind of person is behind the lens. That's important to find because anyone can be a great photographer, but those who truly do it for themselves will resonate that love into their work--thus ultimately dictating what they shoot.

I'm proud of you. I look forward to seeing your snapshots!

Much love,

Anonymous said...

I agree that there is an enormous world out there to be captured. Congratulations on your new camera. I bought my first one this year, nothing special but it's a start. At least until I get my Nikon, heheh. When going out always bring your camera, you never know what delights await. There are moments when being alone is golden. Perhaps a meadow, or garden would be nice to take pictures and journal :) So glad I've stopped by today. Enjoy your blog!

Deboshree said...

@sol- Thanks for dropping by!
I will try my level best to enjoy as much as I can!

@Anonymous- Hehe..yes sir! Lete rahenge aur aap dekhte rehna ^_^

@Ron- Thanks for making time to drop byand thank you for the encouragement Ron. Coming from you, it means a lot.

@Sharla- Yes I will! I'm getting so excited but I have to remind myself continually that my exams are about to begin! But there is lot to explore after that!

Lots of love

John said...

Wow! New camera! Is it a Canon or a Nikon? And yup, I agree with Ron. When the shutter bug gets you, your life changes.

Deboshree said...

Nikon John!