Thursday, December 10, 2009


The silent night beckons me,
Reaches out and engulfs me in its splendour,
Making my heart ache with wonder and awe,
I ask myself, what lay behind this dreamy richness?
What mysteries does the night hold?
The silence taunts me,
Makes me realise what I've been missing out on,
So what do I do?
I reach out,
I give in,
I let go,
I let my heart take over my mind
I shun all logical thinking,
I let my feelings take over,
I give free reign to the emotions flowing through my body,
Filling my being and washing out everything else,
Oh, but what do I find?
I find a soul freed from all bonds,
I find a soul which dares to walk alone,
I find the soul which makes me what I am,
In the silent night, I find myself.


Anonymous said...

It suddenly made me realize that silence is what is the key for yoga and meditation....silence of mind.

Good introspection as always ^_^

Its cleansing sessions like these which a human needs to get rid of stress...alas! its not the case T_T

Deboshree said...

Thank you dropping by ^_^

Sometimes it is extremely necessary to be alone to find yourself. Thoughts can plague you day and night and only solitude helps you to sort them out.

Bhaalo thaakish

Nancy said...

I must be alone for a certain part of every day. Too much input makes me grumpy.

Small Footprints said...

Absolutely beautiful ... and profound! Thanks you, so much, for sharing this glimpse of a silent night.

Small Footprints


beautiful, truly beautiful, lady! you have such a wonderful way with words - and i am truly grateful for your always so faithfully leaving such words for me at my blogs! they make my days!

as an aside, the past week or so has found me distracted and sidetracked with the ups and downs of familial and other issues which have taken me from my usual time and energies on my own blogs and those of dear friends such as you - also i'm working on a couple of large art pieces with imminent deadlines - so please forgive my seemingly "irreverent" attention here and know that my lack of postings and comments in no way reflects anything except that which it is - peripheral things to which i must attend for a couple of weeks - but i'll be back and forth as i can so please check over at my place at your leisure, as i, of course, will yours! with much affection - jenean

Susan Deborah said...

Silence is definitely golden, Deboshree. I wish everyone followed that including me. Just to tell you how much I appreciate you visiting my blog and taking time to write a comment. Thanks for coming by and I shall very much look forward to your future visits.

Joy always,

P.S: Your profile picture transports me to an enchanted world. Nice!

Deboshree said...

@Nancy- I agree! It's the same with me!

@small footprints- Thank you so much for dropping by and if my writing has helped you in any way at all, I'm the thankful one.

@Gypsywoman- My dear dear friend..thank you soo much for taking out time to drop by. I really appreciate it. I understand if you don't get time to visit as often as you would like to, but that won't stop me from visiting your blog regularly! Your writing is so beautiful ,Jenean. It makes me see things in a new and different light each and every time. I am glad to have found you.Honestly!
Lots of love

@Susan- Thank you for dropping by Susan. I really appreciate it and I will definitely drop by as often as I can!
P.S- It transports me into another world too!


RANJIT said...

'Silent night' reflects the philosophy of life. It says that for every day, there is a 'night'. If you demand gain, the loss automatically appears. If someone is very good, the 'very bad' also remains there. The loneliness of night sometimes gives you strength to be with you and face the challenges of life with more courage.

Anonymous said...

Very beautiful, a journey of self-discovery. Sometimes we have to face the doubt and take the leap anyways. Sometimes we have to defy all that is holding us back and climb the fence. The ending is lovely.

"Oh, but what do I find?
I find a soul freed from all bonds,
I find a soul which dares to walk alone,
I find the soul which makes me what I am,
In the silent night, I find myself."

Hence, the other side of self.

Deboshree said...

@Ranjit- So true. The silent does make one realise that there are always 2 sides to a coin but however hard the journey may be, there is hope.
Thank you for dropping by.

@Life Uncharted- went straight into the heart of the words and understood them. Yes, that is exactly what I kept in mind while writing this poem. Thank you so much for dropping by.