Monday, August 30, 2010


Life can be extremely challenging at times and sometimes it can bring you down with a thud. A thud much louder than you expected. 

I have come to realize a lot of things lately. I realized that I had reached a comfort zone regarding myself as a human being. Oh well, don't we all? We all think that after some time we all know what we really are. But I have found out that this is not the case at all. Sometimes we react in a way we never thought would have been possible to us, sometimes we see things in a way we never thought possible and that is the time to wake up.

It is time for me to wake up. A certain incident in my life has left me with this one thought. I have to find myself again. I have to be with myself. Too often we are too busy trying to make the one's around us happy 'coz their happiness gives us happiness. But what happens when those loved ones stop loving you? What do you do then? You break into a million pieces and it is now time to sit down and see why it happened the way it did. I have realized that I have spend too much time trying to make others happy and when they didn't seem to care either way, I was the one who was dealt a harsh blow. It is time for me to be alone with myself and see what really makes me Deboshree. It's time for me to understand my needs and my dreams instead of worrying about the shattered dreams I built with others.

And sometimes, we need such instances in life to wake us up and do some mental cleaning. It's time for me to make a decision and decide where I want to take my life and what I want to do with it. Rest is all secondary.

I'm wide awake now my friends. I hope you are too.


Anonymous said...

Shared dreams are very difficult to pamper yourself more often ^_^

Chika said...

I like this post. Really uplifting. It's easy to get comfortable in a position. But the most important thing is to get up and face teh world outside. :D

epasen said...

Hey love,
been missing you lately! How are you doing? Feels good to be back at home and be able to read your blog again. Love, Emmi

maggie's garden said...

Wow...are we on the same conscious wave...and I believe many of us are at this same point in time. Please stop by the garden and you will see just how much we have in common today.
I am with you...wishing you light and love.