Wednesday, April 13, 2011


As the days pass by,
She stands still,
Right by her window,
Looking at the world beyond,
Trying to make sense of what she can see,
Trying to understand what she can't,
But life is simpler than she thinks,
The answers are not always meant to be found,
Sometimes it is just about being content with not knowing,
Sometimes.. just sometimes ignorance is bliss,
Sometimes just sometimes the world beyond is better left unknown,
For truth be told,
There is much more to be known about oneself than what lay outside the window.


sol said...

love it deboshree! xo

Searching Soul said...

Beautiful! I am out of words.


hello lady! wonderful to see you back with your words again! come see when you can!!! ;) hope all is well with you!

Subhanjan said...

'Being Content' - words that I read after a long time. Do not remember where I heard those words last. But wise words. A lot of truth in these two words. One can hardly find people who are 'content'.