Saturday, June 13, 2009


Hey there my dear friends! How have you guys been doing?

Yesterday was my last day at work and we had the finale. There was tension everywhere and the air was tense behind the scenes but that is always the case during any show. It was a success and the tiny tots made me proud. Even the naughtiest ones performed well! Ofcourse we had to dance in front of them and we didn't goof up either! The one thing I was most nervous about was the Yoga and Aerobics. I was the only one to lead them there. No mike, no help, only me on stage with my voice to guide them. I tell you, there was a moment when I could feel all eyes on me and you know what, I loved it! Suddenly there on stage, I knew that I was a performer, be it anywhere and I would perform no matter how much pressure was exerted on me. The feeling was damn good.
My dance show is on 28th this month. Wish me luck guys. I want to blow away everyone this time and give a great performance!


SearchingSoul said...

I wish you a great performance. As they always say in the theater, "Break a Leg!" Stand proud and wow them all.

epasen said...

Oh I just know you'll be a great success! You're a star. Good luck. <3


As they say there is joy in sharing and i felt happy reading your post ...

I wish all the best.


Anonymous said...

I wish I could be as confident as you on stage. I used to be in a drama theatre but would love to do something more like acting on tv.

Good luck to you, from Northumberland.

CJ xx

Lover of Life said...

You are going to be just terrific! You are a born performer if you like all eyes on you - it makes the rest of us shudder!