Sunday, May 31, 2009


My dear friends...Good to come back after a short spell.

I have read this book my partner send me and I wanted to share the experience with all of you.
Frankly my dear friends, I'm a hopeless romantic. I love reading romance novels more than anything and romance and love are an integral part of me.
So I start reading the novel and as usual, I'm transported to another world...a world of beauty and love..of kisses and passion..of dreams and desires and you know what..I think I simply love it.
The main characters are Miranda and Jake and what a handful they are! There was this particular scene which has touched me very deeply. Magical is the word for it. Magical is the feeling to describe it. Love..expressed so beautifully was really rare. Sometimes things happen in life. We meet someone and there is an undeniably strong connection from the very beginning. I wonder what sorts of beings we are as we can feel so much beyond any explanation. In that scene, not a word was spoken..only music filled the air and there was no need for any intrusion. The depth of emotion touched me very deeply. A simple kiss by Jake on Miranda's temple and forehead moved me more than any passionate love scene could. It was lovely. The way the author described the connection between two people who hadn't known each other for long, was amazing.
Just holding a loved one close and feeling his/her warmth can give us profound happiness and fulfillment. I thank God for creating love and I thank us for giving such wonderful meaning to it. Just imagine when someone finds the person they have been looking would it feel? How life would transform..slowly and gradually that person would fill your entire being and before you know it, your life has become an intricate part of his and vice versa.
Tell me, is it unreasonable and fanciful to imagine that you will get the man/woman you always wanted? Is it childish to expect that you will? Do people really get the perfect partner or is it just a notion which withers away with time?


epasen said...

Hey I have little something on you at my blog, you should check it out. :) Nice you're back!

Love, Epasen

Lover of Life said...

I think you will find someone someday that will make you feel exactly this way! :-)

Anonymous said...

Love is a very special emotion. Sounds like a good book to read.

CJ xx

SearchingSoul said...

Hi D,

I also missed you. You have so much to share even at your young age.

Love is beautiful but sometimes illusive. I believe that there is someone for each soul. Finding each other is the trick. I wish you will find your soul mate soon.

Keep writing. I like your new blog design. BTW, always keep a back up file in an external hard drive. Update it regularly. That way, you won't lose you precious collections.




suggest u read this book : tea house on mulberry street .. probably u wud have similar experience