Friday, May 1, 2009


Well, that word is a strong one, don't you think?
What are we? Why are some of us happy individuals? Why are some us totally cynical and unhappy with life? Why are some us romantics while the others are hard core realists? Why?

The answer is experiences. The smallest of experiences can have a profound impact on us. Sometimes I feel that we human beings are such fragile creatures. One incident/experience can shatter us. Another incident can make our lives worth living.

What do we live for? What is the meaning of our existence? Do we come to this world to gain recognition, fame and money? Yes, we do. But how many of us are happy when we come back home and have no one to share that happiness with? What is fame,what is success when we have NO ONE who would appreciate it? The whole world can tell us that we have done a commendable job, but what do we want? We want the love and appreciation of those select few people who have been with us through it all...who mean the whole world to us.
But I sometimes wonder, what about the people who have no one? Do they become bitter , sad or lonely or do they learn to find solace is other things of life? How does it go? There are so many people out there who don't have support of any kind, be it in the form of a family, friends or partner. What about them?

Do they crumble? Does the love inside them get locked up in a shell too difficult to break? Do they become suspicious and refuse to allow anyone to come close to them? Or do they become extremely strong human beings who fear nothing since they have nothing to lose in life?
How does it go? I wonder because I, for one, cannot imagine a life without love.
But who knows, unpredictability is one of the key words associated with life. I am the way I am now because of various experiences,but who knows what life has in store for me.But one thing is for sure...wherever I go, I know I will spread love and that is something no experience can change.


Lover of Life said...

Very good, worldly questions.

I believe that love is what matters. It is all that matters in the end. The more you put out there, the more it comes back to you. So if you have no one, but continue to love everything in your world, then it will come back to you in different forms.

At least, that is what I believe.

Deboshree said...

I believe in that too.These questions come to me many times and so I wrote.
Thanks for commenting^_^