Friday, April 24, 2009


Hey guys.Didn't have time to post much because of my exams.They're still on but I need a break.
Today, I shall tell you a story about a girl on the threshold of womanhood and a man who helped her achieve it. It is but a unique story. They met and the feeling from the very beginning was something special. They knew they could never be JUST friends, but they tried and they failed. Feelings grew, emotions became stronger and the world began to change. Two lost souls, buried in sadness and pain, saw the world with new eyes. Suddenly, there was hope in life. Maybe afterall, after everything that had happened to them before, they still had a chance of living a happy life.
But there was another thing. They had NEVER really met. They lived in different cities, thousands of kms away from each other. They never saw each other except in pictures and they did not know what the other person really looked like in real life. But their feelings were too strong to give up. Sometimes, it seemed futile for them to carry on for the distance was too much of a burden to bear. But somehow, even after the saddest conversations, there would be a glimmer of hope and they chose to believe.
Then came a miracle. The girl's family decided to send her to that city for a vacation and only with her sisters and best friend. It was like a dream come true but still it was unbelievable. And so she left, with love in her heart, excitement filling every pore of her being.
And then came the jolt. Not a pleasant one. Life played a trick on them. They were talking over the phone for over a year and their feelings had grown. But little did they think that such might not be the case in real life. The feelings were not that strong and they knew this was a test for them. But inspite of everything, they held on for eventhough doubts plagued them, love was never far away. And they were tested, again and again. Even when he came to her city, it wasn't easy for them to get used to each other, but they did and chose to believe

Time went on and almost 2 years were over. But this time they did not have a chance to meet before almost 6-7 months. The girl's faith began to crumble but he refused to let go. When she was weak, he gave the strength to hold on. But soon, a time came when the girl's faith was back and his faith began to crumble. More than ever before. But this time, the girl didn't let go and so they move on............Sometimes, there is more pain than happiness and sometimes there is more darkness than hope. But that is not what they believe in. After the shadow of the night, the sun shines through and that is the meaning of life. After every obstacle we have overcome, there is reward. After every challenge won, there is glory of victory. And that comes when you choose to believe.

And now here is another are what you choose to believe.

And that girl is none other than me and that man is mine.


Lover of Life said...

Very nice story. I hope you both will be very happy.

Kala Pohl Studio said...

Beautiful story and I wish you a wonderful life together:):)

Tanna said...

Wishing only the best of all to you and yours... =) I enjoyed your writing! Good luck on your finals.

Som™ said...

Ah...simply superb!

The writing reflects emotion in each sentence ^_^

Keep it up...and wishing you a happy & successful life.

P.S. Some email delivery problems...hence couldn't contact you..but this would suffice I guess.

Deboshree said... this really you? Ki kore khoojle aamake?