Wednesday, April 1, 2009


It was a Sunday. Sunday,a day supposed to comprise of fun and relaxation. But this particular Sunday I was neither at home expecting any friends nor was I relaxing myself. This particular Sunday I was at an NGO which has had a strong impact on me. AASHAYEIN, an NGO under the care of AID(Association for Indian Development) was a rather interesting project.
We had to teach poor children but what I did not know was that where we would be teaching would be near the slum. For a moment, after looking at the shackled building we would be teaching them in (not literally inside the building,just the floor outside), all my hopes took a plunge into the gutter. Realisation hit me that how could such a place ever make a concrete difference? But those feelings did not last long. The children came running to see us, happiness etched in every line of their face and I couldn't help but smile back at them. I thought to myself ,ok there must be some hope. One of them came to me and hugged me outright. It was an extremely cute baby boy who was not even taller than my legs..! The boy wrapped his hands around me and hugged me as if he had been waiting for me forever. What a heart warming feeling it was. I smiled into the child's eyes and decided there and then that yes, I would make a difference. The class began and we fit in perfectly with the children. It came so naturally, the light teasing, the mock anger and teaching them with love and patience. It wasn't half as bad as I had expected. I knew we would be coming back again and again........
But I was still thinking what sort of concrete difference could we bring about because teaching them anything and everything every week wouldn't make any concrete difference. Something was missing and I found out what that something was in the coming weeks. I attended a meeting of AID where all the NGOs under this organisation came together and wow, what an experience!! When I heard what the people were doing, their efforts were a welcome inspiration.
I listened attentively and said to myself-these are the people who can actually make a difference in our country, people who were putting their soul into their tasks and made real differences in life. My admiration for them rose with every passing moment and I decided that I had to do something for my NGO as it did not even have a proper room allocated for the children. But I came to know that the head had somehow taken care of that and we were soon to have room for the children and I knew that only then could we make a concrete difference.
With hope in my heart and doubts inevitably tagging along, I have vowed to make a true difference in the lives of these children. I hope that doubt loses its meaning with the passage of time and strength becomes our guiding factor. Strength to make a difference, strength to take initiative.


tusharika said...

...jouney of a thousand miles begins with a single step, was grt reading ur experience..with people like you there is not only a hope but surity of change.. be sure that all the vows that u made to urself should nt just remain vows but u convert thm into wheels of reality..may zenith of success be this process every individual who dreams n not only dreams but dreams to make a difference is with u.may u be blessed with the silver lining that u r looking 4.

★tHeE✖ unNamEd☆ said...

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