Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Today I would like to tell all of you about my dearest pets.
Well, they are with me no more , but I have many happy memories with them.
We had more than 30 pigeons and 2 rabbits which multiplied to 40!! I used to love them with all my heart, but then something happened and they could be with us no more.
My mom got cancer and the doctor said that pets could be a source of infection for mom and they had to be given away. What a moment it was.I'm glad that I was very young back then.If I was older, then the pain would have been much more acute.
I had spent wonderful moments with those lovable creatures.We had two rabbits, Tiny and Tot.Tiny was the mother and Tot, the father.Tiny used to remain ill all the time and Tot was the healthy and ferocious one.There isn't any family member who wasn't bitten by him.He even bit my sister's nose!
There was one particularly amusing incident,although it wasn't that at that time.My father was very fond of Tot and would sit with him for long hours. But one day, as dad was cuddling Tot, he suddenly bit his finger and it started bleeding(that was the third time for dad) and then dad just lost it. It all happened in a moment.We saw the naked fury in dad's expression and grabbed Tot and ran with him! We just ran for it! Me,my sister and my mom, all in a line and dad behind us, shouting to let the vicious animal down for he deserved a good hit. We knew that if poor Tot had a good hit from dad, he would never survive for another one. We locked us into the next room and dad was shouting like anything. He loved Tot a lot but I guess he didn't realise how frail the sweet animal was. But we refused to open the door and held Tot close to us,who thankfully, did NOT bite us. I guess he realised it was safer for him to keep his mouth shut this time.Literally.

They were extremely dear to us and it was mom who brought them to us. I will always love them,but now that I'm older I feel that maybe they should never be taken captive in the first place. Same goes for birds. If I ever get pigeons again' I'll set them free.My partner has inspired me to think so and I think he is right.
The thing about pets is that within no time at all, they make a place in your heart, name that place as theirs and simply no one can replace them.But the moment they are gone, the heart is filled with inexplicable sorrow and the place they kept warm for themselves becomes suddenly extremely barren and cold.
So maybe, just maybe, I'll think twice before letting them enter my life again.


Lover of Life said...

I certainly understand. I believe that if you get a dog or cat you must keep him for his lifespan. We have already had two dogs through their lifespan but now my daughter wants to give us her dog (now old) and cat (now old) because she is graduating from college and it's hard to find places that take pets. So I guess we will have our Lucy and two more!

Tanna said...

Getting a pet is like deciding to have a child... you should be ready for the responsibility along with the joys and heartaches... and there will be both! I was at the vet's yesterday in the thunderstorm with our Scottie, Tess. Bless her heart, she has all kinds of maladies... but, we love her dearly. She is feeling better this morning! =)

scarlethue said...

I was just talking to a friend yesterday about her neighbor's pet rabbit. We both decided it was an odd pet to have in a suburb, but they seem to really enjoy it.

Good luck on your exams!