Saturday, April 4, 2009


Alas,there I saw, a world full of beauty, a world where we walk in a dreamland, sleep in a fantasy and breath in the air of love.....and that my friend, is a world which shall never be.
In this dreamworld, flowers shall blossom in every season, the winds shall blow whenever I please, the heavens shall bestow gentle kisses on the creatures of earth, lovers shall be entwined, lost in a world of peaceful oblivion.
We shall be born blessed and live with an undying zest and passion for life and love.
I shall close my eyes and the whole world of my dreams shall come before my eyes. For endless moments, I shall be there, captured in the beauty of my own imagination and filled with an ecstasy rarely known to man.

The stars shall look down upon me and embrace me, make me feel immortal, be it even for a second. When I open my eyes, my lover shall make me realise the wonder of being mortal, of being young, of being passionate and truly alive in the arms of my beloved.

But then, the moment my name is called, my splendid journey shall come to an abrupt halt. With a thudding jolt the world of my dreams shall crumble right before my eyes, but not before I relive it once again and lock it away in my memory, where I shall jealously guard it, till next time........when my love affair with fantasy shall resume again.

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