Wednesday, May 27, 2009


My computer crashed a few days ago and everything has changed. I didn't know how much of my happiness is related to this machine. All my favourite songs and anime have flown out of window. On top of that after formatting the computer, most of the sites have been blocked by norton!
Is norton even good? I think it is more of a headache really.
Can any of you suggest any better anti virus?
Sigh...everything has come to a standstill without my computer.
Will catch up with all the blogs..hehe..feel so left out in a span of a few days.



Lover of Life said...

We are currently having trouble with our internet - so I can relate to the frustration!

Himura Kenshin said...

try McAfee Cirus Scan enterprise! which version of norton are u using? you can also try Symantec antivirus, corporate edition! Dont use AVG!!!!