Sunday, May 10, 2009


After a long time, today I was able to devote some much needed time to the NGO I had joined.

I woke up all groggy wondering why the hell was the alarm ringing on a sunday morning and then I remembered..the children!
I shrugged off my laziness(with great effort) and got up, got ready and left.
The first thing which warmed my heart was the sight of the children shouting with happiness the moment they saw me and my friend approaching. I had not been there for weeks and they missed me. It was lovely to know that these children remembered me and actually missed me. I silently cursed myself for allowing laziness to creep over me the last time.I cursed dance for making my body too weak to move, but at the end of it, it was my fault.
So, today I came to know that a new system had been introduced. Actually, a much needed one. The children were to be divided on the basis of their age groups and each volunteer was to have 2-3 students and maintain a record of their progress each week. Wonderful. That is exactly what we needed for real progress. 2 hours flew by and I didn't even think of the time till prachi told me to wrap up. I love those children. They are beautiful and when I see the thirst for knowledge in them, I feel like giving them all I have and that I will. I have to go down to the very basics.It was quite obvious that their very foundations are quite weak, but that can be changed with hard work and dedication from both sides and I know we have that.
When it was time to leave, it was nice to know that next week those 4 kids would be waiting for me and I will be helping them. It doesn't matter if there is very little difference..what matters is that there is even SOME difference, for that will pave the way for much more. That is what I believe in and now that I know that those 4 children are my responsibility, there is no question of being lazy!
God I love them! The way they were running after the car, when we were leaving, made me feel sooo I don't know how to express the feeling!
I think things are clearing out and when I was confused, life has made me realize what my priorities are.
I read a piece of a fellow blogger and it made me think. He said that life was all about taking risks and pushing yourself to the maximum limit. The thing is that somethings make you want to push yourself to the limit and some just don't because at the end of it, they don't seem worth the effort.
The answer is before me my dear friends, dance and me myself as life or loving,giving and making a difference in people's life. After today's experience, I'd be blind not to understand what I really want. I guess you all know too what I choose.
I don't want to look at myself in the mirror all my life and JUST think about me. I want to be OUT THERE, among the people, with them, spreading happiness and knowledge. Life will be uncertain once again now, but I guess that is what life really is. UNCERTAINTY WITH CHANGING FACES.
But the difference is that now I know for sure what is worth the effort and what not.


Lover of Life said...

You are an amazing young woman! Those little children are so worth your effort and will always remember you, and your kindness. That kind of energy just grows and multiplies. Bless you!

scarlethue said...

Teaching children, teaching anyone, really teaches us about ourselves in the end doesn't it?

My kitty is an indoor cat and so doesn't know about birds. She does sit at the window and meow at them, but I don't think she'd know what to do it she got out. It's their natural instinct though, so I guess we can't fault them for it.