Sunday, February 7, 2010


Forbidden though you are,
it doesn't stop me from thinking about you.
Forbidden though you are,
it doesn't stop me from dreaming about you.
Forbidden though you are,
my heart still yearns for you.
Forbidden though you are,
My body cries out for you.
Though I have never seen you,
I know I have known you.
In a way words can't explain,
In a way only the heart understands.
And because you are forbidden,
You are infinitely more sweet than everything attainable.
I know you are not within my reach,
But that doesn't mean I have stopped wanting you.


Shadow said...

this is so the nature of life... excellent!

Deboshree said...

@Shadow- So true!! It is our innermost nature which goes unexpressed..thank you so much for dropping by.


RANJIT said...

A poetic approach to explain the state of mind. An excellent way of describing the desires and unfulfilled dreams. In fact, the mind (rather say mann)keeps on demanding the material which has lasting impression on it. Think for a moment...and you realise where the flow of thoughts lead you and make you aware of it. Wish you lots of positive thoughts and emotional success because you have the capacity to enlighten the minds of your blog readers!
My good wishes and blessings.


beautiful words that tell of what we have all experienced - very very beautifully said, deboshree! and the image is one i have loved for a very long time - all perfect together! just stunning! sorry i've not been around as much - in the midst of blizzards ongoing and outages and distractions of that kind - and i've so missed being here with all my dear friends, especially you, lady! come over and see me soon and leave me a note!

sol said...

beautiful! I'm sure everyone at some point in there life could totally relate.

Roger Gauthier said...

Hello Deboshree,

I've read a good part of your blog. This is interesting reading indeed. You are using words in a way that touches people. I am sure it will strike some chord with almost anybody.

Thank you for this blog and go on writing.


PS: I left a word for you about "the eyes".

Anonymous said...

Seriously bolchi ....tor leka gulo publish korar moton...bhebe dekhis ek baar ^_^

Crescendo said...

Nice picture and interesting topics !