Friday, February 26, 2010

Touched by an Angel called A

Yes, this is about you. I know you will read this sooner or later and this is the only way I can say what I feel.
I know you are hurting and believe me when I say, I'm hurting too. But this was the only way to go. I can't even call you my love anymore. You aren't mine anymore to say that.

Know this and keep it in your heart. The way I have loved you I can love no one else. The way YOU have loved me, no one ever will. You have made me whole in a way you will never know.I hope I have made you whole too. You healed this heart of mine and filled it with so much love that I still believe in it. I still believe and I will continue believing. That's the gift you have given me. For life.

You came into my life and changed everything. You were my angel. My love who helped me to become the Deboshree I am today. You were the warmth I needed, you gave me the love my heart desired and gave me more than I ever expected. Yes A, I will NEVER forget you. I will never forget what you have given me. I hope I have loved you enough. I hope you will not lose faith. I hope that you remember what I told you and believe in it, for I meant every word.

We met for a reason and eventhough my heart is bleeding right now, I know that our time together has come to an end. Yes, I am crying. I know you are too but I wish you ALL the happiness life can offer. Touch the sky and be what you have always wanted to be. Do it for me. That's the last thing I ask of you.

I wonder if I'll be able to love again but it doesn't matter anymore. A, you made me believe in myself. You gave me the will to try again and do things in life. I will never forget that. PLEASE don't forget what I have given you. Remember that you are a WONDERFUL man and nothing can change that. Thank you A. Thank you for loving me unconditionally. You will get the best in life. Nothing can change that.

I will always love you. But please move on A. That's what I am trying too. Be happy please.

You were my angel. You touched my heart and I'll never be the same again.

Farewell A.


sol said...

check it out...just gave you an award! :)

AubintheDark said...

I feel like a dog, who's finished off his last bone. When did I go from number 1 to number none? I'm not angry, I'm not on the rebound, but it hurts like hell that I was the last to know. I feel like I've been release from a time warp. A certain city, a certain number of people, a certain feeling has dissolved, forever to be lost. I know now that you wanted this all along, or maybe not. But whatever it is I'm glad you're moving on. I won't forget what you've given me, but I cannot be the person you left me as. I will be what I used to be. I have nothing to fall back on and no one to look forward to.

When I look out of the window,
All I can see is the rain.
When I look at the mirror
I see a man with intensely sad eyes.

I hope I haven't been in vain. If this is where I am supposed to be then maybe like Roark I will accept my karma and work for a better day. Don't make me feel like I left you for nothing. Be somebody, be yourself. Don't lose yourself in the crowd. You may or may not forget me, but whatever life brings you, I hope you get an extra share of happiness because I've already committed my share to yours. Once upon a time yours....A.