Saturday, March 6, 2010


Just yesterday something happened which disturbed me to quite some extent.

The lady who accompanies me to my dance class broke down in front of me and I just didn't know what to say.
What can one say when you're dealing with someone so disillusioned with life? She is 34 and I am 20 and I am sure she has seen more of life than I have but it just sounded so sad.

All her life she compromised on herself. First 'coz of her family and then later for her husband. And what is the end result? She ends up a person who is thoroughly dissatisfied with life and herself. Not only is she dissappointed with life, but is cynical and suspicious about people. She thinks that something bad is always lurking around the corner just to grab her. Lord I tried to tell her not to think this way! I told her that she would be willing ill fortune on herself if she thought that way. But you know what she said? She said that Deboshree, all these words amount to nothing when you have lived a life like me where my parents hated me and called me a good for nothing and then I find a  husband who doesn't know the first thing about love.

And I was silenced. What could I say to this woman to make her feel better? Her demons have consumed her and she is bitter now. Can anything be sadder than this? To live a life where every dream, every desire is thwarted even before it can explore its potential. I just hope she finds a reason to follow her dreams again. I never think it's too late. If one wills, things can change and will change. I just hope she finds the much needed inspiration to do that.

I talk to her and I find myself a person who is very idealistic. But what can I do? I am made that way and I would not change it for anyone. Even if I have to face failure, I would rather face it with hope than sit and mope.

One pact I make with myself, right here and now- I won't compromise with myself . I won't settle for second best 'coz if I do, I will not just ruin my life but also of the people around me. I want my life to be guided by inspiration, not compromises. I can be a source of inspiration for others only when I follow my own dreams and make them happen.

So let's follow our dreams and be what we REALLY want to, for without that, we are living nothing but half a life.


RANJIT said...

As a matter of fact, life is something else than we really aspire it to be. We can't change others whether it's family or friends. Moreover, the strangers don't hurt us, it's the close relationship that matters. Better to learn and bear with the situations. One important thing, one must learn to forgive others and take pity on them for whatever they do. Believe it, behaving like Munnabhai MBBS really pays and I must say that you have strong positive message for your circle.


Anonymous said...

Dreams are the initiation...we don't dream based on calculations!
Outcomes of our actions are what make or break us. Dreams just guide us ^_^

AubintheDark said...

Well said Chotu-chan. Always be positive. It's what you're known for.

Trish and Rob MacGregor said...

Insightful post and a solid promise to yourself! My daughter is also 20 and has your attitude.

Anonymous said...

How very sad for that woman to be feeling that way at such a young age. It is often difficult to someone so young to realise they have their whole lives ahead of them.

CJ xx


it's all about choice for the most part, i think - we choose what we are what we become - however, that is not to say that i've not known people who lacked that knowledge [that they have choices about their life] who were unable to get beyond the whatever of their sorrow or hopelessness, sadly enough -

epasen said...

Hey there Inspiration, every time I read your thoughts I still find so much me in you. Thank you once again, Love, Emmi

tusharika said...

ROY,u r right its never late,a will alwz finds a way..but i guess her will has disapppeared,its difficult,trust me,it is to live with smone u dnt love,to do smthing u dnt want and most importantly to sleep without hoping to dream...may she not dare to dream..u takc,keep writing!!!

maggie's garden said...

You are very wise for your young age, and a good friend. Maybe you could get your friend to try blogging. Somehow it helps to sort things out in this blogland with the support of all the wonderful people we get to visit with. It is easy to pin point the problem, and yet another to offer solutions.;)

AubintheDark said...

Lol Tusharika calls you ROY? Maybe I should start too! Chotu ROY!


hi deboshree - just coming by to say hello - have a glorious day, lady - and come over when you can!

Sharla~ said...

Dear Deboshree,

Hello! Remember me? Stealing away a few scraps of time to read some of my favorite blogs. This post struck home. I am older than both of you but can certainly relate to your friend. We who dream and do not achieve live in misery. Trust me I know. When responsibility and family become an integral part of our lives we put our desires and ourselves on the back burner. Sometimes we can stifle the call of our dreams and/or simply ignore them but over time they seem to find their way back. Destiny calls no matter what. It is a miserable existence when you know that you are not doing what you are meant to do. Yes I agree let's follow our dreams even with kids, husbands or wives in tow! It's hard, the money may not be there and you may have family that are not truly supportive but if there's a will to achieve then there must be a way, right?

Mark Twain once said, “Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.”



Deboshree said...


Where are you Sharla? I tried to find you but to no avail. Pls give me the link to your new blog.

Much love

Sharla said...
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