Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The moment I need...

A moment ago I thought I was fine,
A moment ago I thought life was good,
A moment ago I had my peace of mind,
A moment ago my heart was with me,
A moment ago you were with me.


Lorna said...

You have the prettiest artwork on your site!

Anonymous said...

Oshadharon picture -writing match ...kudos again ^_^

AubintheDark said...

And what about this moment? :)

Deboshree said...

@Lorna- Thank you ^_^

@Som- Thank you kind sir.

@Aubin-dono- Now that you are with me, this moment is complete once again.



deboshree - i've no clue what's going on - i was here yesterday and left a comment even that i had several new posts i thought you would like - but i see it is not here either - nor was my icon over at your followers - what's up with blogger? i was wondering where you were when i turned on my computer just now cause i had left you the note about my new posts and hadn't heard from you - then just now i did get your comment at my dream blog but not at the ones i mentioned - i have NO clue - BUT - i did just now re-add myself to your followers when i saw my icon gone - would you mind letting me know when you see this? so i'll know it's all working again? please? thanks so much for letting me know! hugs - j

Deboshree said...

@Jenean- I got no comments from you :-(
Wonder what went wrong with blogger. Removed my favourite bloggy friend like that!

Much love and hugs