Sunday, April 11, 2010

My 100th blog post..

What a journey life is. It's been quite some time since I started blogging and all I can say is that I won't stop. I won't stop this beautiful journey which has given me a chance to meet such lovely people.

Now, let's begin at the beginning.

I came across this newspaper article which said something about blogging being the latest thing to connect people all over the world. At that time, I NEVER thought I myself would be a blogger in a very short while. So I came online and decided to see what this blogging thing was anyway (Yeah, I didn't know a thing about blogging!). I stumbled across a few blogs and just looking at the number of followers had me gaping at them open mouthed!! But as I went on, I saw blogging for what it was and not what I thought it to be. We don't have to be tremendous writers to blog, we don't have to use flowery words to touch someone's heart and reach out. Blogging is all about sharing your thoughts and life experiences and that's what makes it special. Sometimes it's so refreshing to just pen down your thoughts and not worry about what the person might think of them. We are all perfect strangers connected perfectly. JUST in the right way. JUST enough to give eachother hope and faith. I have met people from all over the world and believe me when I say we are NOT that different. All of us have the same heart beating is us, all of us struggle to be where we are, all of us have something to share and a kind word to drop in. All of us are HUMANS and that, in itself,  is enough to connect us. It's such a lovely feeling to know that someone living in some other corner of this world thinks about you and cares enough to drop by and in that one moment, we are one. Lovely, isn't it?

Now coming back to me, I have changed quite a lot from what I used to be. I have matured, I have seen new facets of life, I have seen that life is all about hope and most of all..FAITH!

Nothing can come to pass without faith and that is what I hold onto. After a long time I can see what I want of my life. I can see that dance has come to be my number one priority and call me cynical, I think the journey of life can be rather sad at times. People come and go and when they leave you, you are never the same again. But that's life, isn't it? You meet, you walk together for a while and then you carry on with your journey, just left with a feeling of being touched and moved by someone or by something they said.

So now I would like to thank all my bloggy friends who have made me a richer human being. Money is not wealth. Knowledge is. Love is.

Some people who have really made this blogging journey special, a heartfelt thanks to you- Jenean, Nancy, Sol, Kelly, Ron, John, Sharla and Emmi, thank you for being with me through it all ^_^ You guys really mean a lot to me. YOU ARE SPECIAL.

On this note, I shall end my 100th blog post letting all of you know how much you mean to me.


Much love,


Anonymous said...

Congratulations for the centenary blog ^_^
The last part was more like "Gimme sunshine..gimme some rain" :)

Continue to enrich yourself through blogging.....
till then adios mi amiga

P.S. Tor shohor ta besh bhalo laglo, eventhough its way to polluted and hot :P

Trish and Rob MacGregor said...

congratulations on your 100th post!

Bonnie, Original Art Studio said...

Congrats on 100 posts!!!

sol said...

keep it up girl! glad to have met you on here and i thank you too! :)

epasen said...

Honey you are unique. We won't go anywhere! xXx Emmi


hello there, dear deboshree!!! it's wonderful to be back with dear friends such as you after my weeks away! couldn't wait to come by and read all about what you've been up to but i know you've a lot of details to catch me up on it all - so please do - catch me up! and congratulations on your 100th!!! please drop me a line when you can, lady! missed you! namaste' - jenean

ps - and thank you so much for your always kind words!

Lorna said...

Congratulations on your 100! So true, blogging is about connection to our human family. I love the way it connects hearts, not just minds. Peace.

Sharla said...

Oh my wow! I was thinking of you today and many other of my blog friends who I still secretly read from time to time. Imagine how surprised I was to see my name mentioned among so others. My beautiful one thank you truly you are an inspiration and I'm simply honored and smitten to have met you! :D

Love Sharla~

Sharla said...

Btw CONGRATULATIONS on your 100th post!