Monday, April 12, 2010



One part of me yearns for you,
The other shudders at the thought of you coming close,
One part tells me to move on,
While the other one bleeds to death,
There is this conflict raging inside me,
My heart says something else
But my body speaks a different language,
What am I to do?
Ignore one and give in to the other?
But what would that make me?
Just another soul who compromised with her needs,
Just another soul who gave up before the fight started,
Sorry, but I can't give up any one of them,
Forsaking one would mean killing the other,
and that would mean killing myself,
So I've decided to bear the pain now,
and fight for as long as it takes,
I'm better this way and so are you.


Anonymous said...

Sheesh you are good!!!
"Bhalo thakis" chara ar ki boli??
a painful.. ^_^

Rock on..

Anonymous said...

Very thought-provoking words, thank you for sharing.

CJ xx

AubintheDark said...

Hold on tight. Though I do feel like a criminal now lol. Choosing one but killing the other. Be strong. When you need help you can come to me. :)