Saturday, April 24, 2010

Some things that make me...ME

Deboshree Roy Chowdhury, 20 years old (wow, when did I get this old?) in her final year of college pursuing dance as a career after a short while. Well, that's me. But somehow, lately, I've been seeing things around me. Seeing that in some way I am different and learning to accept it.

I love my friends and I'll do anything to make them happy. I treat them like family and I NEVER hesitate to show my love no matter what other people might think. Saying goodbye to a friend without a hug is sort of impossible for me.

I'm crazy about love. I think all of this life is but a journey of love where we meet people who change us for life without our even knowing it. Love is what I live for and without it, I'm just not Deboshree anymore. This heart of mine swells with love and sharing it is the only way I know to make sure that my heart doesn't burst open.

I have dreams. Many many dreams. But most of all, I want to make a difference in people's lives. I want them to think of me and smile 'coz I have made them happy in some way or the other. That's all that matters at the end of the day. The joy that ones gets from giving others happiness is incomparable.

I hate lies. I say what I feel and kill me if you want to, but that's the way I am. The truth is the truth. There are no two ways about it.

When I see someone beautiful, be it a stranger or family, I never hesitate to stop that person and tell him/ her exactly how beautiful they are. Who knows, I may have made someone's day! And if I meet someone who is equally beautiful from the inside, I make sure that the person knows about it. Life is too short and not everyone is honest. That much I have seen.

Yes, I believe in past lives. I believe I have come here for a reason and the day that reason ceases to exist, I will cease existing too. I believe that we get what give to the world. The world is nothing but a mirror.

I think people are too keyed up about making good impressions. Shall I let you in on a secret? LET GO!! Life is beautiful and people will love you if you can make them let go too. Freedom is the essence of happiness. Being yourself is the greatest thing!

I am VERY philosophical and sometimes a wee bit too serious. And not all people like that. Not all people think like I do. Not all people THINK as much as I do. But thankfully, there are some who would always listen to me. Thank you for that my dear friends.

I believe that the biggest challenge in life is finding oneself and actually sticking to what you know. It's so easy to forget what you really are and that's sad. I say so 'coz I have been through that myself and I know how it feels. So I always make sure that I am close to myself. Honesty with myself is of utmost importance.

I believe in hope. I believe that we humans have the capacity to face the greatest trials of life and still get up and start walking again. I believe that all of us are connected and if you are reading this, just smile for me. It will make me happy :-)

Just felt like writing my thoughts about myself. Sometimes I have a hard time loving myself and that is another fact I am honest about. But I'm going to change that.

Much love to all my bloggy friends!

Have a great day ahead! ^_^




always good to SPEAK to our SELVES and even better to HEAR our SELVES! beautiful words to and for us all, deboshree! have a wonderful day!

Nancy said...

I think you are a very evolved soul, dear Deboshree. You just keep on being who you are - the world needs more of you.

Deboshree said...

@Jenean- Yeah you bet it is!! :)

@Nancy- Thank you very much for your kind words Nancy. I'll try my best to always be what I am :)

Much love

epasen said...

I love you because you write what you feel. It's very brave, trust me, I know since sometimes I'm afraid to do that. Take care love, Emmi

Deboshree said...

@Emmi- My dear love, I learn bravery from you.

Love you sweetheart :)

Stephanie said...

Wonderful, just magic!