Thursday, October 15, 2009

Faith, God and Free Will


Many times people have asked me-"Deboshree, do you believe in God?"
I reply-"No, I don't"
"But why??"

And this is how it goes-

I was a firm believer in God but then certain things happened which eroded my faith in Him. I know that everyone goes through trying times and sometimes when people lose faith, they get it back with time. I lost it and never got it back.

I have come to believe in the immense power of our minds and I believe that we are the makers of our own destiny. I don't believe that there is a God who paves the way for us and guides us. What I do believe in though is that there is something known as Universal Justice. What goes around inevitably comes around. I get what I give. If I sin, then I am sure to pay for it. I believe that everything in this Universe happens when it is exactly supposed to happen. Everything happens for a reason. I believe in Karma and most of all, in human will.

I believe that what matters the most is the kind of person you are. It is one thing to be remembered for your wealth and fame but it is something entirely different to be remembered and missed for all the love you gave. I want to be remembered for the latter reason.

Sometimes I used to think that we humans in general are weak and thus we believe in God..that undefinable somebody on whom we can fall back upon. I always felt that we need support and when we are lonely, He is the only one we can rely on. So is there a God for real or is He just a figment of our imagination?

But there is something else I know. The ones who have faith in Him are blessed. Blessed because they know that they are never alone. Wonder how that feels..knowing that you are never alone and there is someone watching over you. I don't have that. But to be honest, I don't feel a great sense of loss.

My grandfather has had a profound impact on me. He never believed in God and that affected me too. I came to look at the world through his eyes. I came to see that we can do whatever we want to. It's not God or Destiny which will lead us. It is we ourselves. There is no one else. Now that he is gone, I realise that his vision is the vision I WANT to have.

I guess I am simply agnostic in nature. My dear friends, I know that most of you believe in God and if anything I said is offensive to you, I apologize beforehand.


Nancy said...

I think this is very well written, and expresses your beliefs beautifully. I believe that God is everywhere, but he is called many names. He is the stuff that everything is made of, including ourselves. Rather than a man with a long white beard. I, too, believe we are responsible for our actions, and those actions eventually determine our lives and whether or not we have a life well lived. Love is the fundamental "glue" and should always be the foremost determining factor in one's life.

I don't think we are too far apart, actually. Good post.

Deboshree said...

Hey Nancy,
I'm glad to hear that we aren't too far apart.
Thank you for understanding.


AubintheDark said...

Very profound. Now God shall strike you down when you're vulnerable (especially when you're having your bath) Rot in hell!! lol kidding.

John said...

Hi Deboshree, thanks for sharing your views on God with us.

Nope, I was not offended, but I would love to talk to you more about this.

Do send me an email at, and we'll go from there.

Take care.


Deboshree said...

@Aubin- When God strikes me, you are sure to be with me ,so all the best to you! ^_^

AubintheDark said...
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epasen said...

Whom He has blessed, is blessed forever.

Even thou i personally am a firm believer in God, i am also very open minded. Your text was beautiful and well written, i can see you've been thinking about it. But where does that human will you believe in come then?

The world ain't a determinist universe, so God ain't the one making it all happen and easy for us. But to me he has promised that there wont be a load too heavy for me to carry as long as he's around.

I'm just saying here that this made me think. Think how special my own faith is in a comparison to very conservative catholic or lutheran point of view. But this ain't anybody elses life than mine :)

you are a smart smart and kind person and to me it is easy to understand and approve. Even thou we don't always see eye to eye.

Lots of love,

epasen said...

Hi love, u did not offend me in anyway dear. I found it very inspirational.


Anonymous said...

Your views are very well put. It is totally an individual thing whether or not to believe in God.

CJ xx

Ron said...

Deboshree, this is very well written. It's a tough subject to encounter, especially wide open in virtual world--and I am proud of you for expressing yourself so well. You've got all the reasons to stand by your opinions--and for that, it makes you even more amazing in my books!