Thursday, October 8, 2009

My tribute to a great man

They were a happy family, living well with all they wanted and more. But something changed. The four children lost their mother and their lives turned upside down. Their grandparents came to live with them, bringing along with themselves a whole new set of rules and regulations to be followed by the spoiled children. But then again, they had no idea what was coming.

He came into their lives with the force of a hurricane and with equal force made them change their ways. Pampered children who never knew how NOT to get what they wanted were now facing a whole new world. A world where things were not as rosy as before, a world where one had to THINK before acting instead of acting mindlessly. Was it easy for them? NO. Was it easy for him to be firm with them? NO. But he did it and the children began to change. They learned to see that life is not all about getting what you want but is actually about giving what you can. They understood that self control, discipline and the value of one's words were of utmost importance. It was imprinted in their minds that nothing can be more important than one's principles in life and breaking them is actually insulting yourself and what you stand for. Was it tough for the kids? Yes, very much so. But was it worth it? Yes, definitely yes. It may have been the hard way but in this case it was the best way. The anger would seem nothing in the long run when they would realise how much their grandfather had actually done for them.

Today, I want to thank my grandfather for all he has done for us. Because of him, I am what I am. If I am a strong human being today who understands the value of self respect, discipline and hard work, it is all because of him. He had a will of iron and he has shown us how to live fearlessly. That is how I remember him, a man who lived on his own terms, a man who lived fearlessly. I was young when I lost Mom and after she went away, I developed a kind of phobia. I started think that any health problem I had was an indication of cancer. It was then when I told him about it that he told me...a coward dies a thousand times before his death a valiant dies but once. At that moment I knew what I wanted to be and I have never looked back since then. There are so many things which he taught all of us and I know that without him our character would not have the strength it has now.

He passed away in front of my eyes this Tuesday, but I am not sad. I am happy, happy to see him relieved of the pain he was going through. I am happy because I know that the very moment he passed away, he has started a new life in some corner of this world. He has not left us, he never will. I still feel his presence all around for I know that he will always be watching. I love you Dadu, always have and always will. I won't say goodbye to you. All I can wish is for you to have a happy life.


John said...

My deepest condolences to you, Deboshree. Your grandfather was a great man.

epasen said...

Oh he sure was a great man. I just heard today that my grandma passed away this afternoon. I didn't really know her since she had alzheimer and dementia for the past can't-remember-how-many-years, so she didn't recognize me either.

We'll keep in touch,

Nancy said...

What a beautiful tribute to an honorable grandfather. I am so sorry for your loss, however. I know he is looking back at a life well lived, because he helped raise such a soulful granddaughter.

JennyMac said...

Absolutely moving tribute.

Big hug...I know you miss him.

Deboshree said...

Thank you everyone.
I do miss him but I know he is happy somewhere and I know I will meet him again.It is this hope which makes it easy for me. I know it is not empty hope.I really do believe in it.



beautiful loving tribute to someone who obviously loves you very much - and will continue to be with you and your siblings - a beautiful man to be garnering such loving words now -

prachi aggarwal said...

Debo you have us your frends, as family wateva makes you happy..

you are a beautiful person to be with and i always wish the best for you!!

Ameeta said...

Deboshree...this is a beautiful tribute to a man I knew. You are an amazing young women. You have so aptly described your Dadu, and I can so vouch for him, as I knew him. I am glad I found you and each time I read something you write....I cannot help saying again and are your mommies girl. I will always be there for you never hesitate to call on me if you need anything....