Monday, January 18, 2010

How sure can you be?

I watched Revolutionary Road ( starring Kate Winslet and Leonardo Dicaprio) day before yesterday and I still can't figure out if I liked the movie or not. It was an eye opener to say the least. It showed the most common mistake man does and then sits down and regrets why he did it all his life.

But it certainly made me think a lot of things. Such thoughts come to all of us but do we really listen to it or chicken out and deceive ourselves?

Brian Weiss had once said that Fate and freewill go hand in hand and that is one thing I have always believed in. Life will give you the opprotunities, it will test your strength at the most inopportune moments and unless you can see it, it will just pass you by and you will not even notice until its too late.

Money, the one thing which blinds us so very completely and thoroughly that many a times we lose touch with what we really wanted to be. And what for? That extre bank balance. I am not saying that life is all hunky dory without a good income. I don't come from a very rich family myself and we have seen quite a few tough times and that has made me realise that although money is a very important something, it can NEVER be everything!

Watching Revolutionary Road, I made a pact with myself. I will NEVER EVER waste my time in a job which doesn't make me happy. Even if it pays like hell. I would much rather do something which doesn't pay so much but makes me whole instead. There is no end to the things money can buy and I know we all need material comforts, but let's be honest with ourselves and see beyond that. There is a beautiful world beyond that, just waiting for us to discover it and making the most of it.

I asked myself a very important question during the movie. I didn't take up the offer of becoming a professional dancer and making it my life. And why is that? It's 'coz I wasn't sure. So tell me, how sure can we be? We are human beings and by nature unstable. Sometimes we are so sure about something and the next time we'll be wondering if what we did was the right thing. So is there actually anything like being totally and completely sure? Maybe I don't know if there is. Help me with this, will you?

So the question sure can we be? I think it is never. Perhaps life is all about taking chances and if it works out, well and good and if it doesn't, we move on, right? So did I do a mistake by not taking up dance simply 'coz I wasn't 100% sure?

How many of you have been completely sure about the life changing decisions you all have taken?


epasen said...

I've never been sure of what it is that I really want; I've only been sure of what I do not want, and I guess that's a start as well. I don't think I have this need to be totally sure about something, but being 100% unsure means I won't go for it.

We can never be be 100% sure, because we are human. We have emotions, which are affected by so many factors, that they change, constantly. I think it's a matter of will. If it's not what you want, there'll probably be something else out there for you.

I've only had this one guide during these last years when I've been thinking which direction to take: If it feels good, do it. If, in some level, it makes you feel suffocated, don't do it.


Anonymous said...

As Epasen said:
If it feels good, do it.
If its not so after sometime...quit! ^_^
Simple it does seem to say...but life mired with all its complexity twists and turns throughout its course.

But if there is any tinge of detestment in any kinda work one is doing...thats a vicious circle.
Better..Stage Right..and EXIT.

Ride your "like" wave and one will be happy.

Prof. Dancer howa onekie aapotti jahir korte pare....kintu tui nijer maalik..seta keoi kede nite parbena!

Indescriptible said...

Its an amazing write... I m speechless... Keep it up :) !! Good day :)

Deboshree said...

Thank you such much for your advice. I think that is what I will do now. Just go ahead and do what I feel is right. I won't wait and analyse how far that feeling goes.

@Som- Hmmm..jaani..onekera aapotti korbe.Dekhi ki hoye. Bhaalo thaakish mona.

@Indescriptible- Thank you so much. I'm glad you liked it.



you know, deboshree - no one can know what or when something is right except by listening to their inner voice - you will know - emmi said it very well - i have had little difficulty in knowing what it is that i want - and a lot of time do not consider what it will take to get it - if i want it, i know it will come - one example is that i married very young and had my children while i was still very young, foregoing higher education at that time for my children - but i always wanted more education - and i knew if i stopped to figure out HOW to go about it, i would never start because in reality it seemed so impossible - but as a single parent with 5 children ranging from 5-15, on my 32nd birthday i made up my mind - it was then or never - so, i registered at the university, pierced my ears [a rite of passage thing i think :) ], gave notice at my full-time job - and that was that - i had absolutely no clue as to how i would support my children or make tuition payments or buy books or support my children - but - i KNEW i would - it wasn't that i THOUGHT it - i KNEW it - and i DID - and i did wonderfully well for those years which were also the happiest of my entire adult life outside each of my children - the absolute happiest - lest i ramble on, it's just to say that if you want something, you will find a way - simple, really simple!

Deboshree said...

@Jenean- Wow!!
You really did that? Now that's amazing!
I think that is it. Just do it. Don't think too much. Just do it. I'll apply it to my life though I know it will take time to sink in, but it's worth a try!
Thank you for always being there Jenean. I mean it. ^_^



hi lady! just coming by to wish you a glorious dance-filled weekend!!!