Friday, January 29, 2010


Tenderly I say,
It's a gift, not something to be taken for granted,
It's a blessing, not something to be crushed,
It is to be cherished, nurtured,
Let it grow wings of its own,
Let it discover a life of its own,
Let it explore its own potential,
Don't judge it before you give it chance to taste freedom.



beautiful post! and LOVE your new "look" over here! and always, always, give it a chance, i say, as well!

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately "management" ...client dealings etc..majorly depends upon first impressions....sad but true!

Deboshree said...

@Jenean- I love the look too! Hehe..I will give it a chance ^_^

@Som- We live in verrry different worlds shona. That's all I can say.


Anonymous said...

Dear Deboshree, what a beautiful post. I really enjoyed your musings.

PS: Life Uncharted is no more. I'm only continuing with my other blog Acrosticly Yours for the writing prompts. I still have everyone on my blog list over there and will continue to read and comment when I can. Life as you know is hectic. I doubt that I will keep a personal blog anymore. Continue to spread your beautiful words and wisdom. I will stop by soon...


Tom Bailey said...

I get left with a feeling of ok "what is the IT" then I will decide how I will take it. I like the way that you write it left me with a pondering thought.

Thanks for sharing.

Tom Bailey

Nancy said...

Your blog is beautiful, Deboshree.


hello dear deboshree - just coming by to let you know you are thought of - and that i "hope you dance!" - peace and love - jenean

Deboshree said...

@sharla- Thank you so much, my friend?

Life Uncharted is no more??? I will visit your new blog then.
Love and kisses!

@Tom- I was thinking of dance when I wrote it. I know it's rather vague but then again, all my thoughts are. I understand if you don't understand ^_^

@Nancy- You really think so Nancy? Thank you so much.

@Jenean- You are amazing Jenean! To know that I was thought of by someone in some other corner of the world is a lovely feeling.

Lots of love